World Password Day: 6 Crucial Steps to Password Protection

May 5, 2021 / SSL Web Security

World Password Day: 6 crucial steps to password protection

The world of technology is becoming more sophisticated and with it, the rules to manage your passwords are also evolving. Hackers are coming up with new ways to breach your passwords, so you need to learn new tricks to keep them at bay. Web security is the need of the hour. The main key to avoiding cybercrimes is educating users to create strong impenetrable passwords. Even if you have a state of the art software, you still run the risk of getting hacked if you do not maintain healthy password habits like monitoring and changing them regularly. 

Here are some of the measures you can take on World Password Day to keep your business safe online.

Unique passwords are key to keeping your accounts safe

Every individual account you own should have a unique password of its own. Ensure that the password is easy for you to remember, but hard to guess. Incorporating a minimum of eight characters can make your password incredibly strong. However, remembering different passwords can be almost impossible, so in that case, you can use safe tools like the one in your chrome browser that has a password manager, to remember your passwords for you. If navigating this is also becoming a problem, you can write it down in your notebook, but ensure it’s far away from prying eyes. Writing it down is not a threat since hackers are mostly not in your physical vicinity.

Always examine your passwords

Along with ensuring that all of your passwords are unique and not repeated twice for any account or site, you then need to make sure that no personal information is used as a password. This includes avoiding using the names of your pets or children, anniversaries, various addresses, etc. You should make sure that you use a random selection of symbols, letters, phrases or numbers, together to form your password. 

Amp up your security by using a two-factor authentication system 

Putting together a two-step authentication or verification system can reduce the probability of someone hacking your account significantly. Most of the time, users find security Google provides sufficient, but it is in your interest to provide the highest level of security on the internet for your online account, which is the 2FA security. Unfortunately, many forgo it simply because they don’t know much about it or are unaware of how to use it. 

Once you have submitted your username and password to log in, two-factor authentication requires you to go through an added step before you gain access to your account. This verification can take the form of an app-generated code, an SMS text, employing a physical key for security, or a notification that you can choose a trusted device to receive.

Employ a password manager to keep track of your passwords

There are several services that you can employ free of cost, and you can also receive extra security through password generators, keeping a lookout on the dark web, etc. Your passwords are left ready for the plucking if you do not use a password manager. Plus there is no better way to manage them in an organized way. Password managers can also assist you in quickly and successfully changing your passwords and you won’t have to fret about losing your accounts and passwords.

Enforce the Google Security Checkup

The Google security checkup provides you with recommendations for personalized security that you can easily opt into action to make your Google account impenetrable. The best part is that it hardly takes any time to complete. The benefits of the security checkup are not just limited to keeping your Google usage safe. There are several useful recommendations that you can use to enhance your web security. These include putting a screen lock on your mobile device or avoiding the use of third-party websites that could prove potentially dangerous, as well as apps that you have given permission to gain access to your account. The security section of Google account can inform you of additional tools that you can employ to enhance your web security.

Invest the time it takes to audit and update your passwords

Following the steps mapped out above will help you keep your account entirely secure. So it is important to allot a certain amount of time regularly to enforce these measures properly. Following then not only provides web security but it helps update your passwords and keep them organised. This saves you a lot of time in the long run. Recycled passwords are prone to being vulnerable to having. So put in the time now.


No individual or business is exempt from the responsibility of password management. You need to inculcate healthy password habits to avoid being hacked or falling prey to various other cybercrime that coils also include identity theft. Being hacked can take an enormous financial toll. When it is so easy to keep your passwords safe, why not invest some time following all the instructions above on World Password Day.

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