Elements of a cPanel Hosting Plan

December 23, 2011 / Web Hosting

If you have registered a domain name, its now time to find a reliable web hosting provider. If you intend to get a hosting plan that is based on Linux, make sure you have the following important elements included in the cPanel hosting plan you would get.

  • Control Panel: This would be the center of your website. In the Control Panel, you would be able to do anything. As long as you would be signing with a hosting plan, you must be equipped with a PC so that you could be able to easily manage your website.
  • POP3 email ID and Alias: An example of a POP3 ID would be [email protected]. You should receive an ID number of POP3 email widely – it depends on the size of your package.
  • FTP Accounts & Virtual FTP: You could use it to be able to download all your files, or delete or update.
  • Backup Solution: The majority of hosts take the automatic backups on weekly basis for additional security. But, users generally do not care much about it when they choose their hosting plan. This feature is really essential so don’t forget to ask your service provider for the backup solutions.
  • Web Statistics: Analysis of visitors to your web site plays an important role in the success of your website. So make sure Awstats feature is pre-installed with the control panel.
  • Bandwidth: Make sure that you select the hosting plan that would be able to provide enough bandwidth per month.
  • PHP and MySQL: All hosting plans on Linux support MySQL and PHP. Check if you want to get these features for free when you purchase your hosting package.
  • Webmail and SMTP: Check the webmail client options in the control panel. With this service you would be able to check e-mails using an interface that is based on the Web.
  • Filter spam: This is a necessary feature for you as it will protect your hosting account against any spam attack. This service must be installed on the hosting account of your website.
  • IP: If you have a website that would need to support SSL in the future, then you should get a dedicated IP address.

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