Difference Between Linux VPS And Windows VPS (Part- I)

January 12, 2012 / VPS Hosting

If any business owners don’t have much technical knowledge then suitable hosting plan selection is a big issue. Because they can’t understand the difference between different hosting plans and also different operating systems. To solve this problem they have to spend some more time to know about web hosting. At first, they have to get a clear idea about operating systems and then get an idea about hosting plans. They have to keep in mind that, the success of their business depends on the selection of a suitable operating system and also hosting plan.

There are mainly two kinds of operating systems available in the web hosting market. One is a Linux operating system and the other is a Windows operating system. Linux VPS hosting or cpanel hosting concept is related to Linux open-source operating system.

Linux is an open-source operating system that makes the software freely available to anyone and allows them to use, improve, modify, and redistribute versions easily, on the other hand, the Windows VPS hosting concept is related to the Windows operating system, developed by Microsoft.

As per our previous discussion, we know that Windows is developed by Microsoft and Linux is an open-source operating system and for that reason, Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting. One more thing about Linux hosting, It is very popular for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Php/Perl/Python) server software combination. Web developers prefer Linux and several open source software have been created for free use by discerning web enthusiasts.

The user gets much more reliability with Linux VPS hosting than with Windows VPS hosting. If we compare Linux vps hosting and Windows vps hosting then we can find out that, unfortunately, windows vps hosting can’t permit 100% up-time but Linux VPS can permit that.

Being open source, That’s why to handle load spikes together with loading software and programs that could occupy less information space than Windows VPS programs. On the other hand, Windows users get permission to use remote desktop access and also in this case any nontechnical user can manage their server very easily but in the case of Linux vps hosting users have to get some knowledge about the command-line interface. Users get the advantage of remote desktop access to modify their virtual server with windows vps hosting.

Which operating system would be suitable totally depends on what the webmaster proposes to do with his website. Before choosing any operating system you have to get some important points about both operating systems. You can go through the second part of this blog to get those points.

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