Web Hosting

Terms relating to web hosting (Series U,V,W)


User Datagram Protocol. UDP is a stateless protocol in that UDP makes no provision for acknowledgement of packets received.


UNIX is a multi-user operating system that are commonly used for servers and back-end tasks. It was first developed at Bell Labs but later universities began using it to create a academic network(s) to share information. UNIX can come in serveral flavours

UNIX Shell

A powerful command line based environment that is used to execute commands in UNIX operating systems. It is similar to dos but has a lot more capabilties.


Universal Resource Locator. It is an address used to locate files on a network, including the Internet.


Virtual Private Network. A network that is constructed by using public wires to connect nodes. The data sent across the Internet is encrypted, so the entire network is “virtually” private.


An ASCII terminal standard manufactured by DEC.


Wide Area Network.

Windows NT

Microsoft Windows New Technology. This operating system was Microsoft’s attack on the server and networking markets with an ease of use GUI.