Steps To Backup And Restore Your Files In Plesk

June 12, 2011 / Control Panels

1. Log in to the Plesk admin area.
2. Select the “Back up ” option. You can take backup locally or remotely. For convenience, you can enter your FTP details and store them for further sessions.
3. Select “FTP Account Properties”.

4. Enter your FTP details and then select “OK” on the following page.

5. Click on “Create Backup ”
6. You have to enter all details on the following page

7. You can specify if you wish to be notified by email when the backup is complete. And then click on the “Back up” option which is present at the left bottom.

8. You can see one message “ Warning: The domain will be unavailable during backup/ restore” and you have to select “OK”.
9. Since the domain was temporarily unavailable, it logged you out of your control panel.

10. Select Back up>> Scheduled Backup settings
11. Select the desired frequency>> Select the location of the backup files.
12. Enter the maximum number of backup files you wish to store.
13. Prepare your backup files with whatever you like.
14. Select the “OK” button which is present in the right bottom corner of this page.
15. Remember to enable the schedule. Keep in mind that scheduled backup will only work remotely. The local backup must be done manually.
16. Select “Backup files repository”. When restoring files to your site, you can upload them from your local computer. Or you can restore from your remote FTP repository.

17. Now you are able to back up and restore your site files in Plesk.