How to Manage a Virtual Directory in Plesk

November 21, 2022 / Plesk

It is pretty easy to modify the virtual directory in Plesk. And so, in this post, we will walk through how you can manage the virtual directory in Plesk.

  1. Log into Plesk.
  2. Once you have located the domain whose virtual directory you need to modify, choose the “Virtual Directory” tab.
  3. Search for the virtual directory you want to change, and then click on the icon right next to it as shown in the image below.
  4. The “Virtual Directories Properties” page will appear after this.
  5. Now, you can begin modifying the virtual directory’s configurations.

This way you can easily alter a virtual directory in Plesk. I hope you found this post helpful. For more insightful assistance and the latest updates, please visit the bodHOST page.

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