How To install Zend Optimizer

March 19, 2008 / FAQs vps hosting

What is Zend Optimizer?

It is a free application software which runs the files encoded by the Zend Encoder and Zend SafeGuard Suite, while boosting the running speed of PHP applications. Many scripts require that you have Zend Optimizer installed so you are able to run them on your server while decrypting and running them on the fly while increasing runtime performance.

How to install Zend Optimizer?
To install Zend Optimizer follow these steps :-

  1. First off all you will need to grab a copy of the optimizer depending on what platform you would like to install it on.
    Linux users should grab the Linux glibc2.1
  2. Once you have downloaded the file locally you will need to upload it to your web server. FTP to your server and upload it to a directory of your choice.
  3. Now Uncompress/extract the file
    tar zvfx ZendOptimizer*.tar.gz
    cd ZendOptimizer-2.5.3-linux-glibc21-i386/
  4. Now run the installer,
  5. The welcome screen
  6. The agreement
  7. Where do you wants to install Zend Optimizer?
  8. Locate your php.ini file
  9. Select Yes, chances are you are using Apache web server
  10. Enter the location of where apache files are located
  11. Zend changing your php.ini file location, make a note of this.
  12. Restart your web server for the changes to take effect.
  13. Apache should restart successfully.
    Note:You may also restart Apache manually using # /etc/init.d/httpd restart
  14. Please ensure that Zend Optimizer is working you can do the following in the shell.
    php -v
  15. After the installation is completed you can remove the directory.
    cd to where the extracted Zend first.
    rm –rf ZendOptimizer-2.5.3-linux-glibc21-i386