E-commerce Server Hosting

September 3, 2007 / Dedicated Server Hosting

E-commerce Server

The Internet has changed the way of business. At the touch of a button, consumers can now purchase goods and services from anywhere in the world. There are no geographical barriers to Internet trading. Businesses are increasingly recognizing and harnessing the power of the Internet, satisfying the needs of a growing, demanding customer base.

E-Commerce Servers have become one of the most important needs of the Internet to have emerged in recent times. Ecommerce( Electronic commerce) involves carrying out business over the Internet with the help of computers, which are linked to each other forming a network. To be specific eCommerce would be buying and selling of goods and services and the transfer of funds through digital communications.

These are the major benefits of E-commerce :

  1. E-commerce expands your global Reach: The major benefit of E-commerce is the ability to acquire customers across the country and around the world.
  2. It expands the Customer Base: E-commerce expands customers by providing your customers another purchase channel, your business can attract and retain customers that may have never purchased from you.
  3. E-commerce increases the Visibility: Consumers are increasingly searching for information on the internet prior to making a purchase. You can make your business available to them.
  4. It provides customers valuable information about your business: It makes it easy to find contact information, store hours, product information, and answers to common questions all add to creating a positive customer experience.
  5. E-commerce is always Open For Business: Yes, this E-commerce enables your customers to purchase your products at any time when you are asleep.
  6. E-commerce builds Customer Loyalty: E-commerce technology can provide the means to create an effective, automated customer retention program.
  7. Collection of customer Data: E-commerce by the very nature of the transactions automatically collects valuable customer data and relates purchases to that customer. You can use this information to increase future sales from your customers.
  8. It Reduces the cost of Marketing and Advertising: This Internet marketing can be highly targeted to your specific customer; it is more effective and provides a higher return on investment than traditional media advertising.
  9. One more important benefit of an E-commerce server is that it is the cheapest means of doing business
  10. The benefit of making a business ‘E-commerce enabled’, is that it helps reduce the delivery time, cost of labor, and the cost incurred in the following areas:
    1. Preparation of documents.
    2. Correction and Error Detection
    3. Mail preparation
    4. Reconciliation
    5. Data entry
    6. Telephone calling
    7. Overtime
    8. Supervision expenses
  11. E-commerce Provides customers with Value
    1. Customers can log in and view their order history and order status
      *Enhanced user experience leads to repeat business and it increased referrals
      *Total Customer Service cost is decreased when the client can check their own status
    2. E-commerce solution allows for ‘Temporary’ Shopping Carts – allowing people to shop & then sign-up
      * By allowing them to Shop First, they become more committed to the sale – higher conversion rate
    3. E-commerce server solution has powerful Advanced Search features – allowing items to be found by varied criteria
      * It enhanced user experience leads to repeat business & increases the referrals
      * Search features also decrease the costs (no phone calls) and customer frustration

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