Creating An Add-on Domain In cPanel

June 7, 2011 / Control Panels

If you want to create an Add- domain in your cPanel then you have to follow the following points :

1. You have to log into your cPanel.

2. Select the “Add-on Domains” option.

3. After selecting “Add-on Domains”, you can see the following page.

4. Enter the new domain to which you want to point.
5. Enter the username/ directory name.
6. Create a password for the Add-on domain. It should be 6 to 8 characters
7. Select the “Add” button which is present below.
8. At this stage, you would have successfully created an add-on domain. The FTP access is automatically set up by cPanel. Now you should upload your files to because cPanel automatically creates subfolders in the root(public_html)directory for the newly created add-on domain.

9. Select the “Go back ” button. After selecting the “Go Back ” option, you see the previous page with an add-on domain successfully created.
10. Select the “ Home” button which is present in the upper left corner.
11. You have to check the FTP setup so click on “FTP Manager”.
12. Select “ FTP Accounts”.
13. You can see that one new FTP Account has been created for the add-on domain.

14. Keep in mind you must change your password with the “Change Pass” point.

Note: You would create an Add-on domain to point another domain to a subfolder or subdomain of your main domain. The Add-on can have its own email but doesn’t have its own control panel.