Windows Server 8 and Windows Azure: Full of News

September 23, 2011 / Cloud Hosting

At the conference Microsoft unveiled Windows Server 8. This is the first server version which involved in between developers of Windows and Windows Azure team. You’ll find many concepts and elements of Azure in Windows Server 8.

The goals of Windows Server 8 is to create, deploy, administer private cloud, and cloud to the hybrid on Azure platform.

Microsoft Ad said:

  • Geo replication between data centers would be more easy with these new features included in platform.
  • Translator API is now available in marketplace to improve the translation of applications.
  • Windows SDK 1.5: This new API will assist to improve performance of monitoring, and remote desktop encryption.
  • Windows Azure Bus: The latest version with many improved features.
  • Toolkit for Windows Azure & Windows 8: Currently available for Windows Phone, IOS, Android will be available for Windows 8. ideal for applications metropolitan cities.
  • Demonstration Team Foundation (TFS) on Azure.
  • As of now in 25 countries Azure is available

Windows Server 8 incorporates Hyper-V 3.0, which will provide all the elements to create the private cloud. Virtualization is highlighted and the dynamic approach to its infrastructure. This v3 includes a new virtual disk format, the function VHDX Storage Spaces to create virtual storage volume on any physical storage anywhere. Above all, the virtual storage can be done over several physical volumes.

In addition, Windows server provides eight multi-tenant infrastructure for cloud services with the significant enhancements to help to reduce the Cost of high availability and service management. The management, identity and development tools with Windows Azure, & Windows Server 8 empowers developers and IT professionals to deliver their choice of services across public and private windows cloud hosting environments, or a combination of Both.

The final idea is to ensure redundancy of services, connectivity regardless of the terminal. The new approach into the Microsoft is appreciable. A comprehensive and integrated all the systems and Microsoft’s products ensures that everything is in its place and everything makes sense. Windows, Windows Live , Windows Azure, Windows Server, Windows Phone and interconnected world, simplifying the use of Microsoft’s products for everyone. Microsoft’s approach towards the market is pretty straightforward. They are focusing on the need of consumers and their new spending habits of information increasingly dense, fast and collaborative.

The cloud is in the heart of Windows 8. The RTM will be dedicated to the integration of high cloud to enhance the user’s experience in Windows 8. “Windows Live ID”, which takes place more than important in this new version. To prove the authentication is already happening through it from the home. All your data, documents, photos, and other contacts that you do not want to see literally stored on your hardware will be deported on the Cloud through the SkyDrive service to your settings through the menu “Sync PC Settings” control panel to synchronize your settings (personalization, themes, language, history or bookmarks favorites in IE, etc …)

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