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Usefull OpenVZ Commands

OpenVZ Commands:

A. vzlist -a : For a list of the VPS’s present on that specific Node.

B. vzctl start VPS_ID : To start the VPS.

C. vzctl stop VPS_ID : To stop or Shut Down the VPS

D. vzctl status VPS_ID : To find out the exact condition of the special VPS

E. vzctl stop VPS_ID -fast : To stop the VPS fast and forcefully

F. vzctl enter VPS_ID : To enter in a special VPS

Configuration Commands :

A. vzctl set VPS_ID -hostname vps.domain.com -save: To set the Hostname of a VPS.

B. vzctl set VPS_ID -ipadd -save : To add a new IP to the hosting VPS.

C. vzctl set VPS_ID -ipdel -save : To delete the IP from VPS.

D. vzctl set VPS_ID -userpasswd root : new_password -save : to reset root password of a VPS.

E. vzctl set VPS_ID -nameserver -save : To add the nameserver IP’s to the VPS.

F. vzctl exec VPS_ID command : To run any command on a VPS from Node.

G. vzyum VPS_ID install package_name : To install any package/Software on a VPS from Node.

[Note : In the OpenVZ Commands VPS_ID refers to the ID of the specific VPS.]

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