Top 6 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

April 6, 2022 / Web Hosting


Web hosting is one of the essential aspects that will determine whether or not your website will develop and grow. It is entirely up to you to choose the type of hosting server for your website. If you don’t have good servers or features, as well as a hosting provider with support, your website may struggle. So, ideally, you should have a good web hosting services provider who can give you the best rates, features, and customer service, that will also benefit your website and help you to achieve your business goals. To match your changing needs and expectations, you may need to update your current hosting package.

But there are a few obstacles to that expansion, a few hitches that can stymie its scalability. As a result, it’s essential to consider and address these issues.

6 signals that your hosting plan needs to be upgraded:

  1. Website’s Speed is Slow The speed of a website is one of its most important features. Better speed is beneficial to your website since it will attract more visitors who will not become bored or angry with your website, resulting in greater traffic. If your website is slow you and your visitors will be frustrated. If your website is slow, your bounce rate will rise, and your ranking will fall. In addition, if your website takes a long time to load, search engines will flag it as slow and rank it lower in the search results.

    This means that just a small number of people will visit your website, and it will not be ranked or receive traffic. If you’ve previously examined and updated your basic web vitals, you may need to change to a new hosting plan with faster server response times or a content delivery network to increase the speed of your website.

  2. Your website is getting high traffic Website traffic is crucial for both your website and your SEO efforts. It has a significant impact on a website’s performance. This activity will affect your bandwidth, while visitors are visiting your website or reading blogs, knowledge bases, infographics, or downloading free ebooks.

    If you go over a particular amount of data, some hosts can charge you a fee or block your connections to make the site run slower. It can cost you money in any case. Consider bandwidth as a highway that leads to your content. The more people who use this stretch of road, the worse the situation becomes. The strain could be relieved by expanding the lanes, but not every host will do so without charging you extra.

  3. Add Images and videos to your website. Great images and videos will demonstrate your SEO efforts while also improving the standard of your website. Adding images and videos to your website will attract more visitors and make it easier for them to understand what you’re trying to say. Everyone likes photos, videos, and graphics, and they all want them to load as quickly as possible. While optimizing your media content with slow load, compression, and proper formatting will help your site load faster, you may soon have more media than your current hosting package can handle.
  4. You are managing many websites for different clients. If you’re a new web designer or developer, you may have to begin by adding your clients’ domains to your shared hosting account. That could work for a time before failing. If you’re using cPanel to handle a variety of clients at the same time, you’ll need to change your hosting plans for a few reasons. When we talk about reseller plans, it means that your website and your client’s websites will be more secure. Since reseller plans allow each of your clients to have their cPanel panel, this is possible. This implies that the only domain they can access when they try to log in and make adjustments is their own.

    With a reseller plan, you can more precisely allocate server resources. If you pick reseller plans, you can set the amount of bandwidth and disc space available to each client. This helps you to fine-tune the services you provide to your customers or clients by allowing you to price your services properly. If one of your clients goes over their resource limit, their website will be restricted if you are on a reseller plan. Excessive resource utilization by one of your clients can harm all of them if they are all on a shared host cPanel.

  5. Built-in security features and upgrades that come with the managed hosting If you have a small eCommerce store or a small portfolio site or a simple website for your local business, one of the most important things is security. While your website may not appear to be a prime target for malicious activity, the truth is that there is a slew of evil bots out there aiming to cause havoc.

    Since your website is on a basic hosting plan, it needs to upgrade to managed hosting. For example, Managed WordPress hosting, takes care of known WordPress vulnerabilities as soon as they’re found. This type of subscription also backs up customers’ websites automatically so that they can be restored in the event of a server catastrophe or virus attack. Managed WordPress plans also offer automated malware scans and eradication if malware is discovered on your site, preventing problems before they start.

  6. Security Restrictions This includes securing credit card information on payment gateways, private information entered into online forms, and any other private information that cybercriminals could use. Whether you manage a little business or a major online store, you must keep the information of your clients and site visitors safe from hackers.

    Advanced security features, including safety applications, SSL certificates, additional authentication methods, and more, are included in an enhanced accurate hosting package, providing layers of protection between your clients’ data and thieves.


When it comes to your website, it is the core of your business, and for it to function properly, you must ensure that your hosting package is enough and includes useful services. Of course, not every website requires a dedicated server or a virtual private server, but when you outgrow your existing plan, it’s clear that you need to change.

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