Website Content Resolution and CSS

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How to adjust content to the resolution of the visitor? What resolution should I choose? Simply apply a relative width, which changes depending on the size of the Window and the screen of the visitor page. The most common is to use the body tag. If you use a #div or body tag to adjust […]


Introduction to WordPress Content Management System

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History of WordPress CMS Since the year 2000, there have been various technological revolutions that have taken great importance in the evolution of Information Technology (IT) and the Internet. However, in the year 2004, the revolution took a shape that had begun to take shape several years ago, and it was finally known as the […]


Privacy Risk: JavaScript Reveals Past Visited Links

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I recall reading an article several years ago about a privacy issue with regard to the difference in colors between visited links and unvisited links and that website owners can write some JavaScript to determine, based on certain differences between visited and unvisited hyperlinks, whether you have visited a website before. Of course, this was […]