How to Disable Mailman in cPanel?

Mailman is a feature or you can say attribute of cPanel control panel, or WHM, that allows you to create mailing lists so that you can send large number of E-mails from your virtual private server or dedicated server. While this feature is useful to contact with people whom you work on your server or websites, but the downside of this feature is; it uses system resources and can slow down the server if you cross the limitations. However, you can easily disable Mailman through your cPanel WHM.

  1. Access your whm log-in web page by typing the IP address of your server followed by a colon and the number ‘2083’. For an example,; in your web browser window.
  2. Now enter the root/admin server access user_name and password in their respective fields once the cPanel whm log in windows appears.
  3. On your main whm screen you will see the ‘server configuration’ icon; click on that and then click on ‘Tweak Settings’ in the screen that appears afterward.
  4. Move down the tweak settings list of the mail section, and proceed to go down toward the bottom of the mail section to search enable mailman mailing lists.
  5. At right of the enable mailman mailing lists entry line you will see the radio button “off” click on that.
  6. Move down to the bottom of the tweak settings menu list and click save. Wait for a while until the list of processes to stop and the message DONE to appear at the bottom of the list. This process takes less than a few minute.
  7. To return back to the main whm just click on to ‘home’ option or simply log out the whm as you wish.

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