Discussions Continue For The Future of Dedicated Server Hosting

February 2, 2012 / Dedicated Servers

Since the last few years cloud hosting environment is a subject that is grabbing attention more than any other hosting solution. However, when it comes to the comparison between cloud and dedicated servers, traditional dedicated hosting is still as competitive as a cloud environment.

There are a lot of reasons that will suggest you adopt the cloud over other options, even I have mentioned some of those reasons in my previous posts. But necessarily, there are some of you out there who need a dedicated server, but are confused about whether to choose dedicated or cloud.

The following few points are some of the reasons that suggest why you should go with a traditional dedicated server hosting solution.

  • Full control over your server: In terms of accessibility with a dedicated server, you have completely independent control over your server and you are able to configure it as you wish.
  • Wide range of options: You can select an operating system of your choice, software, and tools
  • Security: with bodHOST’s complete server management, a number of additional advanced features are available. You can utilize those extra features on your dedicated server in order to optimize the security level.
  • Completely dedicated: The name shows what exactly it is … your server resources are not shared with other users, which means faster processing, and better reliability and performance.
  • Cost Saving: Well you might think this point is quite funny, but it is not. You can save money by using a dedicated server, probably you will have to pay more than your requirements, but you are able to sell your space, bandwidth, and memory to other webmasters who are looking for a small hosting plan. In this way, you can earn a significant amount of money.
  • Root Access: I guess all of you have an idea about this facility. Anyway, if you are a technical geek and have a lot of knowledge about system administration, and are not afraid to do any experiments, then a dedicated server is the playground for you.
  • Quality: Dedicated server hosting is more than rented hardware equipment, it dedicates further resources to generate internal growth of your business and offers high returns on investment. In addition, you can also balance the server load the way you want.

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