eNlight Cloud Computing Hosting Services by bodHOST

February 27, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

eNlight cloud computing by bodHOST

eNlight cloud computing to be launched on bodHOST which is a new technology to serve all our existing and new customers with features such as :

  1. Auto-scale : Auto-scaling means that you can automatically assign computing resources by adding or removing capacity as per need in a cloud infrastructure. Today’s business requires a lot of computing resources and on-demand services.
    eNlight cloud computing infrastructure automatically scales resources as per need and is integrated with the billing system. You do not require a reboot of the server to increase or decrease the CPU or RAM resources.
  2. Flexibility : You can easily access the cloud servers and manage your need without many issues. An automatic provisioning system and server resources schedule is an add-on of flexibility. You can also create multiple virtual machines and pre-configure them.
  3. Access : You can reboot, start or shut down the Virtual machines at any point in time. Assigning resources or setting up automatic resource allocation features.
  4. User-friendly control panel : Easy to use control panel allows you to manage different location clouds.
  5. Server location and management : You can select virtual machine setup in multiple locations and even load-balance them.
  6. Operating System : You can select from the operating system for the virtual machine including Linux, Linux – cPanel cloud, Linux – Plesk, Windows Server 2008
  7. High-end infrastructure setup : eNlight cloud is set up on a high-end infrastructure featuring :
    1. – Intel Processors per node
    2. – Fiber Channel Storage
    3. – Dual Storage controllers
    4. – Multiple Network providers
    5. – Cisco routers and network infrastructure
  8. Reliability : eNlight cloud is highly reliable and avoids all hardware failures and other failures set up in Tier IV data center facilities. i. eNlight cloud security : eNlight cloud is completely secured and includes features such as :
    – Private VLAN
    – Firewall and load-balancing
    – Anti-spoof and Anti-sniff firewall technology

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