Affiliate Marketing: Five Ways to Find Competitive Niches

August 2, 2011 / Affiliate Marketing Web Hosting

One of the great unknown facts for people who enter the world of affiliate marketing and try to make money online is.

How to find a competitive niche?

Finding a profitable niche is the most effective way to begin the path to success with affiliate marketing and start making money online.

So today, I will show you very effective five ways to find a competitive niche in affiliate marketing.

  1. Find your targeted audience: Knowing your targeted audience and what they demand is a key to success in finding ways to make money online with affiliate marketing.
    Lets say you are in the niche of web hosting.
    • What products and services to be the most popular right now?
    • There is a particular issue that people in this niche are looking for and which is currently in demand.
    • It is always important to hear what people say in these niches, they are the best guide to promote products.
  2. Effective SEO Strategies: We can not forget effective SEO affiliate marketing, this is a major tool for website position on search engines.
    Some important factors to remember in search engine optimization.
    • Keywords in H1 tag on a blog or website, title page, or page description.
    • Listed on web directories like DMOZ.
    • Make back-links to your website.
  3. Think outside the box: A successful affiliate is the one attacking the market from the flanks, that is doing things different from what others do, which makes you much more relevant to your target audience and helps you position yourself better in search engines.

    A key to thinking differently than the competition is to see that NOT doing the competition, and for that, you can search with your niche keywords on Google and pick the top 20 websites and see how top affiliates attack, so you see that they are doing in their sites and maybe do it in yours.
  4. Link building campaigns: It is said that 80% of the love that you give the search engines comes from the incoming links to your site, I know from experience that campaigns backlinks can be difficult, but you can also run your own backlink strategies.
  5. Find a niche within the niche: As I have said on previous occasions, instead of selecting short-tail keywords like “web hosting” or “website hosting” seeking long-tail keywords like “web hosting reviews” is the best way to find a niche within sub-niche main niches can be a very major competitor, but there are many sub-niche that may have high demand.

    To find niches within a niche, do the following:

    • Visit the market forums and blogs, see what people are talking and looking at these sites will find a wealth of ideas and themes sub-niche; people desperately looking for a topic.
    • Get paper and pencil and write down your interests, your hobbies, what you know about something?, Then list in this role.
    • Search sites like for which products are most popular and see what other affiliates are promoting in your niche.

    Finding a profitable niche is perhaps one of the most complex and daunting for someone just starting in affiliate marketing and wanting to make money online, but patience and perseverance, and above all motivation are the main fuel of any newbie in affiliate marketing.

    As well at first, the idea is to find a profitable niche but niche that helps you start making money online, and with time and experience, you will encounter very profitable niches that will be gold mines to build a decent income and you can start having real success in affiliate marketing and start making a lot of money online.

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