Types of Hosting

November 10, 2006 / Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

It is a web server that has resources and space that are shared by many websites and used for small e-commerce businesses.

Managed Dedicated Servers

It refers to the sole owner of the server renting it from a hosting provider which mainly placed at the data center.

Dedicated Hosting

Provision of own server and web hosting provider, in this you have to plug into the data center, install own software and hardware.

Reseller Hosting

In this type of hosting, the owner has rights to distribute webspace and bandwidth access and thereafter resell them to the clients.

Database Hosting

It aims for businesses and developers that need extra horsepower and tools to handle large database jobs.

Multiple Data Hosting

Multiple domain hosting is a feature that allows hosting several domains under one account. Previously you can host only one domain per account. With multiple domain hosting, you can effectively allow

your hosting resources among a number of domains and get the most from your web hosting account.