How To Reboot The Dedicated Server or VPS Through WHM

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To reboot the dedicated server or VPS through WHM, follow the below-mentioned procedure: Step 1. Access your WHM with your credentials utilizing root details. Step 2. Go to the Server Reboot tab. Step 3. And choose one of the two options: Forceful Server Reboot: This choice will reboot your computer forcibly and may result in […]


How to Remove Multiple Files Using Command Line

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The web-based control panels have been one of the key innovations to take place in the web hosting industry. They are the best method for performing certain tasks that don’t require any specific technical background. However, certain tasks can’t easily achieved using web-based control panels like bulk file management. Managing multiple files is a bit […]

Dedicated Server Hosting

VPS Server vs. Dedicated Server

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VPS Server vs. Dedicated Server VPS servers and dedicated servers are the two forms of dedicated web hosting offered by most web hosting providers and allow for businesses that require reliable and secure web hosting services to use a web hosting package capable of meeting their requirements ideally. Although VPS servers and dedicated servers are […]