IP Drop-Down List in IIS While Creating/Assigning

November 27, 2006 / Web Hosting

If you check the properties of a Site in IIS, you can find that the IP Address listing has an (All Unassigned) tag on it. If you go to the drop-down list beside it, it will list only one IP (the default primaryIP) in spite of the fact that your server may be multihomed.

This forces us to leave each Site to (All Unassigned) Tag in spite of the fact that we may want to assign different IPs to each. SolutionOpen the “hosts” file in the following location and add the mappings of all the IPs to the server’s name. Initially, it will have only one mapping, that of the Primary IP to the server name.


Add the new entries as follows



  1. Server_Name will be the same for all IPs
  2. The HOSTS file has no extension.
  3. It is not necessary to restart IIS.
  4. If the listing still doesn’t show up using the command line