How to Uninstall Applications Using Softaculous

May 16, 2023 / cPanel

Softaculous is a popular auto-installer software used by many ISPs. However, Softaculous is primarily used to install applications, not uninstall them. To remove programs installed through Softaculous, you usually have to use the program’s own uninstall process. Here’s a general guide to uninstalling apps using Softaculous.

Follow the steps:

1. Log into your cPanel account with the correct credentials.

2. Select “Softaculous Apps Installer” from the “Software” section.

3. Select the “All Installations” icon from the top right-hand corner of the screen.

4. Remove the software you wish to uninstall by clicking the remove icon next to it.

5. Then click on the “Remove Installation” button.

6. It will again ask for confirmation, as this action is irreversible. Click on the Ok button.

7. You will receive a success message after removing the App successfully.

This way, you can uninstall the application successfully using Softaculous. We hope everything is clear now. Our cPanel Knowledge Base area has many tutorials to help you build a successful website.

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