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February 9, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

Considering security has been one of the major concerns today and to analyze, today let’s view which are the most 10 secure Linux operating System distributions on the Cloud platform. The only way you can think of is updating patches installing security fixes, and maintaining a firewall. These are effective, yet not convincing. You need to take a broader step to make your cloud server more secure than before which includes installation of security fixes, patches, penetration testing, security audits, intrusion prevention, and intrusion detection. These are likely a few ways you can secure your cloud computing system.

Let’s see a few here and how you can secure your Cloud hosting server :

  1. Astaro Security Appliance: Astaro Security Linux mainly comes in three flavors which are hardware, software, and virtual. It also offers appliances built specifically for network security, mail security, web security, and web application security supported by the VMware platform The network security virtual appliance also includes a firewall, intrusion protection, DoS attack protection, NAT tools, VPN, IPSec Remote Access, and much more.
  2. BackTrack Linux: Another known is BackTrack Linux which is the most acclaimed Linux security distribution. It is a security-based system that mainly aims for network and server penetration testing. It can easily be run from a bootable DVD or any other storage. It is a specialized distribution mainly created to assist security professionals in taking action in security audits on networks. You don’t need to be a professional to act security performance test.
  3. IPFire: A firewall distribution system that is very small, yet very handy and secure. It has it’s packaging system called Pakfire which mainly delivers all updates and new packages via encrypted transfer and digital signature. It also has additional addon’s which are easy to install. This includes Samba, NFS, mail services, anti-virus, multi-media applications, VoIP applications, intrusion detection, network tools, security tools, backup tools, and other applications.
  4. Lightweight Portable Security: LPS distribution which mainly boots a thin Linux system from a CD or USB drive. It cannot run from a local hard disk. It mainly intends to use for LPS-Public version to allow safe, public, general-purpose web browsing and LPS-remote access to mainly access all internal networks. It provides secure browsing for banking transactions and other security-sensitive sessions.
  5. Live Hacking DVD: This DVD allows Live ethical hacking through DVD which has a full graphical desktop interface and CD command line tool. The requirements for installation of this DVD are minimal.
  6. EnGarde Secure Linux: You can EnGarde Secure Linux distribution for an internal server. It has features such as intrusion detection, administration, secure network services, alerts, web services, DNS services, firewall, mail services, and access to Guardian Digital Support Network. It provides free access to all systems and security updates. It schedules updates every month and can be downloaded easily.
  7. NetSecL: It is an OpenSUSE-based distribution that features GrSecurity, chroot hardening, audits, and penetration software. It can be used as a desktop, server, or even for an ethical hacking system. It is a live DVD and can be installed on a hard disk. It is a complete suite of improving your security mainly used by ISPs and hosting companies.
  8. Smooth Wall Express: It is known to be one of the best business firewall solutions. It is a security-hardened GNU/Linux OS with a simple-to-use web interface. It creates a basic firewall system and supports many hardware, working with multiple connections.
  9. Openwall GNU/Linux: It is a security-enhanced distribution for virtual appliances ( cloud hosting ), hardware appliances, and servers. It is compatible with RHeL and used by many security professionals for security testing and password cracking.
  10. Vyatta: It is a commercial security appliance that delivers appliances for every network class including cloud architectures. It works with VMware, XenServer, and KVM.

You can download or install any of the above security-enhancement systems to make your Linux cloud hosting servers more secure.

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