How to Maintain Control with Private Cloud Server Hosting ?

March 6, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

You can easily deploy your servers, but you cannot compromise your security or access to your resources. Bodhost eNlight hosting cloud computing services offers a unique host-based traffic technology which is distributed in the virtual infrastructure. It enables all virtual networks and protects hosts at every level delivering high quality of service. With bodhost cloud hosting services, you can easily carry out live migrations on your private cloud platform maintaining all security policies.

However, deployment requires compliance control and access policies and can be controlled with automation over the resource. One controls consumption of resources and other controls workflows and limits that are provisioned. The virtual infrastructure also generates usage reports.

Policy are complied with virtual infrastructure technology and increased high degree of efficiency for all administrators. With bodhost eNlight cloud server hosting, resource management and policies can improve utilization of shared infrastructure that allows resources to reserve the resource as when required or allocated on-demand.

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