How To Boost Your Website With LiteSpeed

April 22, 2021 / SEO Technology

How to boost your website with LiteSpeed

One of the most important factors in ensuring the success of your website is speed. Your website cannot grow if its loading time is slow. Several search engines also take loading speed into consideration while ranking your website. Hence, LiteSpeed Cache and LiteSpeed Web Server are the perfect ways to boost your website’s speed and improve your web ranking. 

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server provides an extremely reliable and scalable web server solution. It is put forth by LiteSpeed technologies that help replace various other options in the market like Apache, without making many variations in the software or in tools that are usually used with Apache. LiteSpeed helps boost performance like your website’s speed.

You, as a web host, can choose from several options that LiteSpeed Web Server provides in its plans. LiteSpeed has proven to boost the scalability and speed of your website even more than Apache, which leads to smoother operations, faster management of the database, and quicker website loading time, along with PHP executions. 

What are the benefits of LiteSpeed Web Server?

While we have mapped out the various advantages earlier like quicker PHP executions and database issues resolutions, there are several other benefits to LiteSpeed Web Server. Let’s take a look.

  1. Extremely low amount of maintenance Several optimization factors are set up with software based on PHP like WordPress in the LiteSpeed Web Server. It provides comfortable accommodation in case of sudden heavy traffic. It also loads web pages quicker compared to other alternative web server solutions. It basically means that it takes a lot less overhead effort to maintain a website managed by LiteSpeed compared to a similar website run on an Apache server or any other alternative. Obviously, a well-built website takes care of maintaining and optimizing itself and doesn’t need too much assistance all the time. However, LiteSpeed takes care of all the important issues that might crop up in the server and ensures a smooth website running experience.
  2. Complete Apache compatibility If one of your major concerns is looking for a replacement for your tool, module or plugin due to its reliance on Space, fret no more. LiteSpeed Web Server has complete compatibility with all aspects related to Apache. Hence, it basically comes down to this, if you have been using Lamp stack in order to run your applications, they will be compatible with Lightspeed as well. So no changes are necessary. LiteSpeed provides you with all the features that you enjoyed on Apache like .htaccess files. Moreover, all the configuration files of Apache are taken care of and loaded by LiteSpeed Web Server. The best part of LiteSpeed is its high compatibility with most of the hosting control panels such as cPanel, which is crucial.
  3. Maximum security LiteSpeed Web Server is as well secure as Apache itself, given that it is compatible with Apache’s mod_security feature. While this is just the beginning, there are so many more added advantages to it. There are various anti-DDos features included in the setup that make LiteSpeed Web Server one of the best in the market. For example, if there are large amounts of requests being sent your way by an IP address, or its attempting to make its way into cPanel by logging in, these threats that come in the form of malicious requests are easily detected automatically by the LiteSpeed Web Server feature and promptly blocked at the source. Hence, LiteSpeed Web Server can prove to be one of the most useful tools if you know how to put it to maximum use as it provides protection and a way to navigate DDoS attacks. The security of your website is amplified by choosing LiteSpeed-managed Web hosting. 

What is LiteSpeed cache and why is it relevant?

LiteSpeed Web Server’s caching solution is known as LiteSpeed cache. It takes on the same role for LiteSpeed Web Server that mod_rewrite takes for Apache. Hence, it can be inferred that rules are rewritten by LiteSpeed that are then put to use on the side of the server. The most important benefit of LiteSpeed cache is the fact that it is set up in such a way that it is directly a part of the LiteSpeed Web Server. Hence, reverse proxy layers are rendered unnecessary. You also receive LSCache integrated as part of all the plans provided by LiteSpeed Web Server. You need to enable the LiteSpeed cache on the side of your server mostly. This basically means that your managed web hosting provider must be compatible to support it. However, you need not worry, most of the managed web hosting providers are opting for LiteSpeed cache as well as LiteSpeed Web Server to boost their performance, productivity, and speed. 


As seen above, there are ample benefits LiteSpeed Web Server provides that we can employ to boost the productivity of our website. LiteSpeed cache and LiteSpeed Web Server help consume reduced amounts of memory that result in smooth operation in shared web hosting.

The LiteSpeed cache also helps manage sudden increases in traffic by making sure that users are provided with static pages and a maximum number of objects and resources are cached. It will boost the performance of your website and ensure it works without any glitches. 

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