Does Bodhost support CDN – Content Delivery Networks?

June 16, 2013 / Dedicated Servers

bodHOST CDN Servers

Content delivery networks are large networks of servers distributed around the Internet with the sole intention of serving the content of third parties to end-users. This content can take the form of website media including graphics and sounds, downloadable items such as software and documents, live streaming services, and social networks.

CDNs are most beneficial to organizations running websites where the average visitor is demanding large amounts of data because CDN networks are specially optimized to cope with these large data requests; furthermore, outsourcing CDN services to external suppliers gives organizations a chance to reduce their hosting bills. Rather than having the servers on which a CDN runs based in a single data centre, these servers are often distributed throughout multiple data centres for improved performance and redundancy. If there is an issue with one data centre that is impacting the CDN for example, the servers in other data centres can meet the shortfall in power until the situation is rectified. In terms of performance, distributing the CDN around the world means that users from different parts of the globe can be served content from the server that is geographically closest to them so that they aren’t faced with slow access speeds.


A CDN can be used to deliver any type of content. Whether you are simply looking to remove the burden of hosting any form of media from your existing hosting infrastructure or are looking for a high-capacity solution to handle the downloads of your applications, a professional CDN from bodHOST can provide you with the resources required to sustain this.

Delivering content can be one of the most resource-intensive processes faced by a website and by outsourcing this to an external network, you will be removing a lot of stress from your infrastructure and freeing it up to focus on the processes involved with serving your website. Further to, costs will be greatly reduced because you won’t have to constantly monitor your network to ensure that the capacity is there to cope with any increase in demand – all of this is usually taken care of by your CDN provider.

Bodhost CDN Networks

Bodhost offers a range of dedicated servers that can provide the basis for even the most complicated of CDNs. Our experienced sales and support teams will be able to work with you to deliver a tailored solution that best reflects your CDN requirements whilst also considering your budget. As well as requiring high specification servers to power the backend of the CDN, there will also be a need for large storage allocations and bandwidth because of the nature of a CDN.

Whilst your network provider can sort the issue of bandwidth, you will want to consider additional devices other than the hard drives in your servers to meet your storage arrangements. Storage Area Networks (SANs) are used by hosting companies to deliver large storage allocations because as well as meeting the capacity needs of a CDN, they also bring performance and redundancy benefits that can help to give your CDN greater legitimacy.

As a conclusion, through its multitude of dedicated server plans, Bodhost does support Content Delivery Networks. Our sales and support teams will be able to work with you to develop a CDN that is fitting to your needs and contains the capacity necessary to serve your content.

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