DDoS Protection For The Gaming Community

June 29, 2021 / Web Security

DDoS Protection for gaming

There have been innumerable attacks launched on the gaming community. For years distributed denial-of-services, also known as DDoS have been a cause of concern for security experts. The problem seemed to have been brought under control in recent times, but the types of attacks evolved.

An increasing number of machines that had been compromised fell into the hands of hackers due to an increase in the Internet of Things, which helped them in devising a DDoS attack on a much larger scale. Hence, there is a rise in DDoS attacks in the gaming community as gaming companies are targeted. 

Historically there have been DDoS attacks targeting the PlayStation, as compared to the recent ones with their focus on Blizzard, the gaming community has almost accepted DDoS attacks as part of normal life due to their regular occurrence. This can be avoided through proper measures.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS means distributed denial of services which is a dangerous attack to throw into disarray the regular traffic of any given server, network, or service. This is accomplished by sending hordes of traffic to the target or the infrastructure that envelopes it. A number of computer systems that have been compromised are used to launch the DDoS attacks successfully as means of directing overwhelming traffic. These companies’ machines could include IoT devices along with computers, etc. A bird’s eye view of a DDoS attack could look like immeasurable traffic stuck on a road to hinder regular vehicles to reach their destination.

How to detect an attack?

Many times the only sign to warn you that you’re having a DDoS attack is the unexplained outage and disconnect. In order to ensure that it really is an attack, you need to eliminate the usual network issues that could be the culprit behind the faulty network connection. You can begin by disconnecting your router and modem, or both at the network cable as well as the power source. Switch off your laptop or computer, if it is connected to the modem. Keep it disconnected for approximately 5 mins and then connect everything again. You can then switch on the equipment. In case your internet connectivity is still encountering problems and isn’t restored, it is advisable to ask for technical support from your ISP. If a service alert option is not available, you can contact your support technician directly and ask to talk to them. They will guide you to take the necessary steps to troubleshoot your network and help you successfully find out if you have malicious traffic directed to your IP address that could be a DDoS attack.

Can DDoS attacks be avoided through VPN?

You need to keep in mind that when an online game is being played, it has an internet connection from an IP address that is unique. Remembering this helps you understand how a VPN plays an important role in protecting you against DDoS attacks. Your real IP address is not revealed when you employ your VPN. Your VPN server’s IP address is revealed to the hackers instead. Hence they can choose to launch an attack on the VPN server’s IP address in such cases. However, a VPN that is completely secure will have employed advanced DDoS protection so that hackers cannot hamper the performance of the network.

How can a gaming community or business protect itself in the event of a DDoS attack?

The reputation of your gaming company can be irreparably damaged leading to a fall in revenue and requiring you to invest a huge amount of money to even try to get rid of an attack. A DDoS attack causes real users and visitors to not be able to access your website targeted, which leads to an inability on the business’ part from working like it normally would and decreases purchases and revenue of the website. 

DDoS attacks go on around about a way to steal information from the company or community it targets. Attackers distract the companies that they target by causing DDoS attacks and while the company is busy managing to get their business back up, the hackers hone in on their real objectives. It can also be used as a way to extort their target if a DDoS attack goes on for an extended period of time. It is the same as ransomware on this count. 

In fact, the most optimum way to tackle a DDoS attack is to have a plan fleshed out preemptively. You can release a statement to the press highlighting the facts of your DDoS attack. Gaming businesses and communities also have to factor in the cost of getting rid of the DDoS attack and restoring everything to its prior glory.

It is better to pay the price as the long-term dividends will be worth it, especially if your company is bleeding money the longer you wait. However, if you have strategies planned beforehand along with technical protective plans, you won’t be at a disadvantage and your gaming company or community can survive to see another day. 


DDoS protection can be worked on preemptively if you have proper web security and cybersecurity in place. You cannot go for the cheaper half-working option when it comes to the security aspect of your gaming community.  Update your security software on a scheduled basis, use a VPN, and ensure the safety of your IP address, which will help your game on without interruption.

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