8 Steps to Building Your Online Store with WordPress

September 26, 2022 / WordPress Hosting


The dynamic with which we interact with online shopping has reached new heights, particularly after the Covid-19 epidemic. Internet businesses are receiving an excellent response, with huge profits allowing them to stay in business for the foreseeable future.

Several businesses have reached the peak of success because of the online world, and you can achieve that too. Through WordPress, you can create your own online store. And that post is exactly about that, we are going to help you set up your online business with WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is based on the programming languages MySQL, PHP, and MariaDB database with supported HTTPS and is an open-source CMS (content management system) and a website creation application.

You don’t require knowledge about coding, you can create and edit your website using this tool. Writers, publishers, and bloggers all over the world utilize this platform for content management in order to build a strong internet presence. Setting Up Your Online Website with WordPress

You can establish your WordPress website, within a couple of minutes, by following these 8 steps

  1. Select a domain WordPress hosting company Choosing a good domain name is the first step in establishing a website on WordPress. To access your website, type the domain name into the browser’s address bar. This will eventually be the website’s ultimate address. The domain name is something you should pay close attention to. It should be expertly written and convey a message about the company you are about to launch.

    You will need a hosting company for the website to be hosted online. This is why you need a dedicated provider to ensure the website will load more quickly and operate without any problems. You will have two choices: a cost-effective shared host and a costly dedicated host designed solely for your website. You can make a decision based on your needs for storage, speed, control, and bandwidth.

  2. Setting up WordPress You must log into your WordPress account using all the necessary login credentials. The dashboard will now show up. However, there are two methods for installation, which are:
    1. One Click Installation: This is the most straightforward and suggested choice. To install WordPress, you must access the hosting dashboard and click the appropriate button. The host should be able to run PHP, MariaDB, and MySQL.
    2. Manual Installation – In this case, you must manually set up the WordPress platform after installing the server. After that, you’ll need an FTP client to set up the database using phpMyAdmin or cPanel. The web server will be accessible to you thereafter. However, this option is ideal for an experienced user.
  3. Security for WordPress You should purchase SSL certificates for safe ongoing payment information between the server and the user’s payment gateways. WordPress powers most websites worldwide, making security for both users and clients a given. WordPress gains the largest market share, but because of its popularity, it is a prime target for hackers. As a result, the protection employed needs to be very strong.

    WordPress follows the CIA methodology, which is as follows:

    1. Confidentiality: Only a select group of users should be able to log in. Less access equates to higher security.
    2. Integrity: The website ought to have all truthful information on it. It is important to keep both the front and back ends safe from outside interference. Data or code filtering is also necessary.
    3. Availability: Themes and plugins for WordPress should be updated on a timely basis. Daily automated backups ought to be performed.
  4. Make a plugin choice There are various kinds of plugins available, some of which let you sell prods and services straight from your website. You can pick from any of the following that is effective:
    1. WooCommerce: WooCommerce is used by a good percentage of websites on the internet. The backend enables you to easily arrange goods and services web pages and personalize your checkout and shopping cart pages.
    2. Chaty: Interact with your visitors through their preferred messaging services. This will facilitate uninterrupted communication with your clients and help you provide better customer service.
    3. Easy Digital Downloads: A platform created specifically for the sale of goods and services online. You can create discounts and coupon codes with an Estimated Date of delivery (EDD), track them, and sell them. Additionally, you can sell a software license through this.
  5. Activate the Plugin The proper plugin must be installed using WordPress’ backend. Make an informed decision about the plugin while considering the ideal requirements for your company website.
  6. Organize product pages Add pages and put the goods/services on them to begin. Don’t forget to include thorough product descriptions. You will need to add the product’s name, price, image, and a brief description. Here are some helpful hints to help things go a little smoother.
    1. Put the product’s name in the title bar,
    2. make your product descriptions interesting,
    3. take good care of your images, and
    4. classify and tag your products appropriately.
  7. Including virtual goods There are certain goods that aren’t actually bought and sold. A user can download products that are available for download. You must adhere to the same procedure in order to accomplish this. However, to do this, you must select the “Downloadable” or “Virtual Box” button.
  8. Configure a payment gateway.The payment process is addressed in the final step. Your website needs to have a reliable and easy payment gateway so that customers can complete their transactions. The clients should be directed there by the website at the time of checkout. All of the financial information entered should remain private. Money must be transferred securely from the website’s payment method to the merchant’s account. Various payment options are available such as credit cards, debit cards, online transfers, PayPal, etc.


It’s important to build a reliable online website on reputable platforms. But if you carefully follow the instructions, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. At bodHOST, we make things much easier for you. Our WordPress platform’s adaptability enables you to modify and customize your website as needed. You can keep growing your website and aim for greater growth potential.

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