5 Underlying Benefits of Public Cloud for SMBs

August 5, 2020 / Cloud Hosting


For any small business owner, there are various concerns that he need to be looked after when building their technology platforms. Out of the various concerns; cost savings, efficiency, agility and scalability have been identified as the most significant ones. Today, every person in business and other decision-makers in the business arena have been in favor of moving their data and associated workload to a Public Cloud environment. Owing to a large number of benefits that this Cloud model offers, Public Cloud hosting has made it seamless for businesses to address their dynamically growing demands cost-effectively and strategically.

An online survey has revealed that by the end of 2020, over 78% of small businesses would have adopted Cloud computing in one form of the other. Most of the leading Public Cloud hosting providers utilize the Internet for allowing the end-users to get the best of their server resources as and when needed. As a small business owner, if you’re still considering to make a move to Cloud, bodHOST recommends you to opt for Public Cloud hosting owing to the various benefits that it has to offer.

Benefits of Public Cloud Hosting

  1. Minimal CAPEX Savings When you leverage the services of a Public Cloud for hosting your applications and data, cost savings is one of the key benefits that you get. For a small business, which has a limited amount of CAPEX, going for a Public Cloud can be a great option. With Public Cloud hosting service, you can get the highest flexibility with a rigid budget. Public Cloud allows you to dynamically scale your resources on the go and pay only for the resources that your business needs. You don’t need to pay for any additional or unwanted resources. As your business grows, there is going to be a demand for accessing more hardware or storage, so with a Public Cloud, you don’t need to worry about all of this as this would be taken care of by the Cloud Hosting provider. With hardware purchases and maintenance costs eliminated from your scope, you can save a lot with Public Cloud hosting.
  2. Simplified Software Management When your data and applications are hosted on a Public Cloud, it helps you to remove all the software management-based needs. Today, almost all Public Cloud services come with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allowing you to overcome the challenges that the traditional model previously had. All the applications that are hosted on a Public Cloud provide simple management of the software. With a Public Cloud, you don’t have to worry about the software updates and upgrades as these will be taken care of by your Cloud hosting provider, shredding off the burden from your IT Team. You always hold access to the latest software and features with all the previous loopholes covered, allowing your team to focus on other critical business growth areas.
  3. Enhanced Innovation Abilities Using resources of a Public Cloud, allows you a more straightforward method to experiment and innovate. With Public Cloud hosting, all these resources can be easily obtained and thus, the desired software can be implemented in a real short span. If you find a deployed software isn’t the right choice for your business, then you can quickly delete everything associated with the software and scale down your resource usage based on it. Agility is one key factor that is driving today’s technology environment. It can be an excellent use for your business as you can explore new areas and opportunities & accordingly respond to these upcoming opportunities. Public Cloud hosting allows your internal team with the resources that it needs to be smart, agile as well as responsive for addressing the business needs.
  4. Leveraging Mobile Capabilities Today, every business’ employees need to be productive on the go, thus, enhancing mobile experience has become the need of the hour. A small business is always on the rise, so it needs to formulate strategies that will allow making the critical applications and data available at all times to its users. Cloud computing enables applications, data and connectivity to critical systems are available at all times. Irrespective of the location of your team, they need to have complete access to the hosted data. Talking particularly about Public Cloud, you can assure that your business strategies remain intact and your stakeholders can access the desired information.
  5. Achieve Uptime Targets With Public Cloud, you can achieve maximum uptime for your hosted data and applications. A trusted hosting provider like bodHOST ensures that your business operations are not hindered due to any downtime and your data is available at all times. Besides 100% uptime, several copies of your hosted data and applications are also created across geographically distant data centers. Your customers are assured that your business data and applications are always present. This ensures that your customers have hindrance-free customer experience and for your internal team, it boosts employee productivity.


On a concluding note, Public Cloud offers everything that a business needs, ranging from scalability to achieving maximum uptime. Public Cloud hosting is indeed hosted on a shared environment, but the resources and data of users remain secured due to a virtual partitioning.

If you are looking for trusted Public Cloud Hosting services, then feel free to reach out Team bodHOST for unmatched scalability and 100% guaranteed uptime for your data and applications.

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