Customer Testimonials

Richard M

"I started with bodHOST a few years ago after my previous provider's service deteriorated following a move to a horrid Datacenter. I started with the plain-vanilla VPS, and then upgraded to a mirrored VPS.

Recently I decided it was time for another upgrade, as my business had grown. I only considered what bodHOST had to offer because my experiences have been excellent so far. After considering the options, I was leaning toward Cloud hosting. But I had some questions. The server was promised for yesterday, and it was ready before I rolled out of bed. I spent the rest of the day configuring the server (installing modules, updating PHP, rebuilding Apache, creating packages, and so forth), and finally moving my accounts. I ran into a couple of questions along the way, which BodHOST support promptly answered; and by evening, everyone was up and running on the new server.

There were NO COMPLAINT from clients -- in fact, the migration went so smoothly that not one of the clients I called to ask if there had been any problems even noticed that anything had changed. It was that smooth.

And by the way -- the new Cloud server is so fast I have to wear a seat belt so I don't hurt myself on it. The old VPS was fast, but the Cloud server is FAST.

So special thanks to Shane, Sam R., Scott M., Alan V., Phillip S., John R., and anyone else who had any part in making this the smoothest server migration I've ever done."

Carl Vandors

"Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - taking your feeds too now, Thanks."

Dean Smith

"I have to say I have dealt with other hosting companies. I started dealing with several months ago. In all Honesty it seemed like it took a long time to get the server set up and online. At first I would get told the server would up and running in 12 hours then I would get told it would be another 3 to 4 hours. Then I would get another time frame. Everyone I talked to said they knew about the delays but it seemed like I was getting one run around after another. And I know I was getting frustrated and hard to get along with.

Other than the initial setup of the server I had payed for taking so long to get set up and running into my time constraints which put me behind on some stuff (the first month it was setup I didn't have the time to get everything done because it had taken so long to set up)

The service I have received from tech support and also from the billing department have been Amazing. The people I have dealt with in tech support have been very courteous and professional and have taken the time to make sure I had the answer to my questions. The Billing department has been very understanding and worked with through a recent issue I had with my bank.

Hats off to Seth in the billing department for being understanding and working with me. And also to the tech support people (to many to list) for all the help they have given me setting things up and explaining things to me.

I can definitely say that when contracts with the other hosting service I'm using run out all those hosting will be moved to BODHOST.

It's nice getting an answer when yaw need it and not some random talking like you're a complete idiot.

I would highly recommend BODHOST to anyone needing hosting services."

Jenny Walker

"Sometimes it seems like I'm all thumbs when it comes to dealing with techie stuff, but the BodHOST crew has been incredibly patient and instructive when I need help. Since BodHOST makes me feel that I could count on them, I no longer have to worry or stress out when I come across things I don't understand.

Good job, BodHOST! This is all-thumbs Jenny, giving BodHOST ten thumbs up!"

Jose Alvarez Topete

I am a customer of BodHOST a week ago, the English is not my main language, I try to learn every day and I said that because the support team have had patience as well as solve all my questions about my server Hammering , have so far met my expectations and I hope the service we provide is the best that I can offer my customers :dancing: , as well as in this short time I made friends like Ronan is a great support for me in managing my server, I wait throughout the day to consult directly to him by night when he gives support, thanks my friend Ronan by patience you have to me.

Tommy G.

"I have used bodHOST for my hosting needs for over a year, the support is great, they are easy to understand and help me with any problem I face. The price is very good for what I need. I would recommend bodHOST to my friends and family, I have never had any downtime and the community surrounding bodHOST is great. So Thanks bodHOST for all you have given my and for helping my business grow"

Akhil Verma

"Considering your most helpful Service Staff and the technical experts (both windows & Linux) who are able to solve our problems in a matter of minutes 24x7 no one would like to leave your services unless it is for some other reasons... Ever-since I made use of your 24x7 chat support system, I had never - ever been dissatisfied - NEVER EVER... I always acknowledge this in my chat conversations with your friendly support staff... on this :-)

As the CEO of S J Edutech P Limited, a premier web development and design services provider in India, I am hosting around a hundred demanding sites on your servers and am in the process of adding a couple of hundred more! Hat's off to your brilliant service, after-sales, support and not to forget the personalised understanding of customers' individual needs!

I have been into online business over the last 11 years or so and you can't imagine how many service providers I changed - , a query at my domain whois records can give you an idea! But for the last more than an year, I have settled down and constantly expanding and upgrading my services with you. With God's grace and your tailor-made adaptable services, I have never had a downtime on neither mine, nor my clients' sites. When I needed resources, they were added to my plan without a thought and many times you give preferred support to me - many of your technical staff would wave their hands at this! Also, I am all-praise for your support staff who set everything up for me when I had a website launching ceremony with the Minister of State launching the government project - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* (on 18th September 2008).

I also feel proud in conveying and forwarding the accolades which our company got from the Government of India on being able to launch this project successfully with associated reliability and security factors! I can now easily say that 'on bodHOST' Services and Infrastructure, our success depends...'

Keep up the good work and keep settings standards for others to follow... I am a fan of BodHOST now!"

Wen Chao

"I am new to Windows VPS hosting plan and found out there are so many things I need to learn and get familiar with before we can bring our web application live. Thanks for your tech support team, you truly help me a lot and I'm greatly appreciated!!"

Matt Black

"When I was searching for a VPS Hosting, I found many companies, all with the same prices and specifications. Then I found BodHOST, with a lower price and better specs. At the start, I mistrusted a little, "Why would they offer lower prices than the other companies? Or the quality is poor or it's a scam".

However, happily, I tried it anyway.

Now, I am very sure that I made the right choice. Low prices; specs that fits your needs; fast, caring, experienced and precise support team (I just love them); an administration that does care about their clients, different from some ones that just sees you as a money-maker. (A proof of that is this preoccupation on knowing what their clients think of them.)

I just have nothing to complain about, all I want is to praise you all. Keep up the excellent job!"

M Rogers

"Over that past years I have had VPS and dedicated server hosting with bodHOST. I started out with just a little knowledge of hosting. With their help and 24-7 support I have been able to create and nice second income with my hosting business and online store. They have always been there when I needed them. Also, they have gone out of there way to make sure that my clients and websites are as safe as possible from hackers in the server I lease from them.
I have never seen better support than BodHOST anywhere."


"I am VPS client with bodHOST since 5 months at least; really they have very fast support. I really love the 24 hours online support from bodHOST."

"bodHOST is a goods hosting.

bodHOST have live chat for consult 7/24.

If you have any problem, bodHOST can help you all time.

I like this."

Ian Rogers

I have been with bodHOST now for approximately 6 months now after leaving VPSLand.

With VPSLand I had problems which ranged from them changing the entire configuration of VPS including network settings which had been specifically set up through to being blamed by their administrators for Port 25 being blocked and a host of other configuration issues which they were unable to resolve. And if there was a problem which was stopping the VPS from rebooting, this would take between 12-24 hours to resolve.

Here at bodHOST, I have had none of these problems. The VPS configuration works very well and does not get changed unexpectedly, the support and communication when there has been a problem has been second to none, and when the VPS would not reboot the issue was solved within the hour. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I would recommend the bodHOST experience to anyone who needs or just wants a cost-effective VPS.

Philips, Alan V and Ronan

"I have been a client for more than a year and now I have paid for a full year in advance. Congratulations mainly for the guys at live support that have helped me a lot."


"I have been a customer for around 9 months now and I am relatively happy with the service that BodHOST has provided. One of the reasons why I chose BodHOST in the first place and continue to be a customer is the Live Chat option which allows a customer to talk with a technical staff almost instantly to address any problems. They have solved most issues very quickly and that helps me to focus on my business.

The only negative thing I can think of is the price. Even though their VPS pricing is very competitive and perhaps among the lowest when compared to other companies, I wish it was a little lower for loyal customers. Perhaps they could consider offering incentives for clients that have been with BodHOST for a certain period of time.

Overall, I would recommend BodHOST VPS Hosting to anyone who is looking for quick and efficient service with almost 100% uptime."

Matt Ryans

"I have to say this; bodHOST support in general is VERY good...

But Robin, from the billing department just helped me so quickly, and clearly, it is a pleasure to host with a company that hires people as helpful as that!"

Luis Barrett

"I just want to say BodHOST is the best server company I ever been with they are number 1 in my book. They have the best customer service I ever seen from any other company and there 24/7 live chat is so awesome.

Specially Seth from the billing department he has been so awesome BodHOST is lucky to have him on there team."

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