BodHOST™ VPS Server Grand Promo – 50% Off

VPS  Server Promo

BodHOST™ has today launched a 50% discount offer on the range of Windows and Linux Virtual Private Servers (VPS).  A VPS can offer an affordable and realistic alternative to dedicated server hosting, offer the same benefits and hosting environment at a fraction of the cost.  bodHOST™ firmly believes that there are multiple benefits for businesses when upgrading from a shared hosting package to and a larger virtualized hosting environment, and introduces this offer with a view of encouraging more adoption of the VPS technology.

bodHOST™ is one of the leading VPS hosting providers in the USA, and the range of Virtual Private Servers includes packages that are based on the vLite Linux platform and the Windows Hyper-V platform.

“Our range of service plans are designed with resource allocations that will meet customer needs at the correct price points so that we can guarantee value for money. This will also ensure that our customers are able to make the most of their hosting service. To enhance the hosting experience further, we at bodHOST™ also have our own 24/7 support team fully trained to deal with any issues that customers may present them with – this means that problems can be fixed quickly and efficiently at any time of day, thus minimizing the impact felt by the customer”. Said, James Anderson, Sales Manager at BodHOST™

With the price of a Linux VPS at just $29.99 a month and Windows VPS at $39.99 a month, bodHOST™ offers an affordable option for businesses that wish to upgrade from their existing shared hosting plans with the aim of expanding their online presence. A Virtual Private Server can provide a dedicated hosting environment that the users can customize to suit their own needs, removing the restrictions that can often limit a business’s opportunity to expand when using a shared hosting plan.  BodHOST™ also offers several add-ons that customers can use to enhance their VPS, such as control panels including Plesk and cPanel.

Customers wishing to take advantage of the 50% off offer with a bodHOST™ VPS server simply need to use coupon code “VPSCloud50” at the checkout once they have selected the VPS server of their choice.  For more information on this offer, users can email their queries to [email protected] or call on (+1) 866 662 0909.

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