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Can i change IP address of a hosting server linux?

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  • Can i change IP address of a hosting server linux?

    Currently my server's ip address is blocked by a mail network so all mails went to spam box. I want to change this IP to another IP address. Is that possible? how can I do that? any suggestions?

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    Hello Nikhil,

    Yes, it can be possible to change the mail server IP but you can ask your server provider to change or provide new/fresh IP,

    In this scenario, there is a possibility that you have sent bulk of emails that contains spam keywords and due to which that RBLs blacklisted your IP, that resulting in your mails getting rejected or going to the spam folder.

    Solutions could be check your email content before sending and it should not contain any spam keywords also you can use a third-party SMTP email service, if you want to do bulk or promotional emailing then you can use that because they maintain their IP reputations that help your emails going to Inbox folder.



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      Hello Nikhil,

      Changing the IP address on a Linux system involves both changing the IP address using the ifconfig command and modifying the files that will make your change permanent. The process is very similar to the process you would follow on a Solaris system, except that a different set of files must be modified.

      Nora Kirk


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        Login to your server and switch to the root user

        Open the network configuration file & update it accordingly.

        #root: vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Press I( for insert ) and change the file once updated; press ESC & save the setting. also, you have to change the hostname and the machine's default gateway. For this, you have to edit one more file

        #root: vi /etc/sysconfig/network; modify the configuration by utilizing the "i" to change your new hostname & gateway information.

        After completion, hit ESC and save the setting using Reboot machine using: #root: reboot or restart network by #root: service network restart.

        You can now see the new IP address and the hostname you had assigned.


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          here are different ways to change IP address in Linux

          (a) Command Line tools

          (b) Modify configuration files

          (c) Use GUI tools