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  • Google or Bing

    Microsoft's new search engine "Bing" has hit the Internet world with a Bang. And is now It is supposed to put Google behind in the race.

    Try it out and share your views with us. Let us know your preferences, is it Google or Bing ?

    The poll is expired.

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    Google's still #1 for me. I heard about Bing and I've tried it out a few times, but honestly, it's not good enough to make me leave Google. I've found that Google search still gives more relevant search results that Bing did (using the same search terms on both engines).

    The mistake Microsoft made here is that Bing didn't revolutionize search like they claimed. Instead, they've played catch-up to make Bing as good as Google. Anyone in marketing can tell you that in order to take customers away from your competitor, you have to make your product better than theirs, not just as good as. I think that's what most people think when they try Bing, that it's "just as good as Google", and if it's just as good, why switch?


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      I still use Google as of now.. but would be BingO soon


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        I'm too used to Google's clean interface that I have to say that that background image in Bing is really distracting. Also, what's with the weird name? Bing? It's not like we can tell people to go online and "bing for local restaurants" or something like that. It just doesn't roll off the tongue like google does.


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          I'll still prefer Google as of now.


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            Here's something interesting. It seems that Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, has managed to reach 6% market share within hours of launch. Most of this traffic was taken from Microsoft's other search engines (MSN, Microsoft Live), and some from Yahoo and Google. Microsoft's legacy search engines were the most affected, of course, and Google still holds an almost insurmountable lead. Interestingly, Bing managed to overtake Yahoo for a short time before falling behind.

            For those interested, here is the latest search engine rankings from StatCounter: U.S. Daily Search Engine Rankings 05/28/2009 - 06/10/2009


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              That's an interesting graph. I had a look the daily stats for June 10, 11, 12 and 13, and it looks like Bing's popularity has been rising, though it's staying now at the 8.6% mark. Here's the stats list, if you're interested:

              Google 79.36%
              Yahoo 11.11%
              Bing 7.34%

              Google 78.12%
              Yahoo 11.12%
              Bing 8.66%

              Google 77.93%
              Yahoo 11.12%
              Bing 8.67%

              Google 77.48%
              Yahoo 11.52%
              Bing 8.54%
              Looks like that may be the market share, though I wonder how Microsoft's purported $100 million advertising budget for Bing will affect those stats.


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                I think most users are just going to go right to Google. It's going to take a lot more marketing for Bing to catch up in my opinion. But one never knows.


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                  Hmmmmmmmm, I haven't tried Bing, but I will try to find some time to look it over today. Actually, until I read this thread, I'd never even heard of it.


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                    I've never heard of Bing, but I will be checking it out now. I do love Google though, my search results are always excellent.


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                      I link Bing just fine. But I find myself using Google on a regular basis. Perhaps it's because old habits die hard.


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                        Bing looks pretty smooth. I'll give it a try for a week and then let you know what I think. I'm so use to Google, It might be hard at first. On the other had, I'm kind of tired of the same old, same old.


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                          Thanks for the link to the stats, surreality, and to iamsam, too, for the day-by-day rundown. Seems like the jump in traffic was due to curiosity seekers having a look at the new search engine. The current stats:

                          Google 81.27%
                          Yahoo 11.04%
                          Bing 5.46%


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                            Hah! So Microsoft's $100 million advertising budget was just wasted money, exactly says. It was silly of them to advertise an Internet search engine on TV, etc., anyway. If you're advertising about something on the Internet, then advertise on the Internet!
                            ~ squishy squishy ~


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                              Well, not really...

                              Bing is launched recently and to gain over the market, i am sure it will take some time.
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