About Us

bodHOST is a Cloud Hosting company with a difference. Here pride and enthusiasm, excellence and passion, rub shoulders with the day-to-day realities of business.

An aggressive customer-proactive, employee-oriented technology-company whose quintessential drive is growth, bodHOST seeks opportunity, pursues dreams and targets global expansion. With subsidiaries and alliance partners in USA, UK and India, bodHOST addresses the global marketplace based on a solid foundation of technology.

Committed to providing customer with more than just "value for money", bodHOST strives to create a continuous learning environment that consistently provides excellent value.

A firm believer in community values, bodHOST is engaged in a range of strategic programs that generate benefits for the community.

bodHOST was established in 1999 as a hosting company. Since then, bodHOST has been at the forefront of the hosting industry. The ever-changing dimensions and requirements of the hosting world has necessitated numerous changes and advancements, and bodHOST has successfully incorporated all of those. Today our primary focus is Cloud Computing – particularly Enterprise Clouds.

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