Why bodHOST Virtual Private Servers?

bodHOST uses modern hardware that guarantees maximum availability for your hosted websites. Grow with the flexibility and scalability our VPS hosting provides to accommodate your continuously evolving needs. Our data centers are strategically placed to offer high-speed VPS hosting along with a wide range of add-ons to choose from.

Virtual Private Server Plans

PlanVPS 1

vCPU1 Core
Disk (SSD)20GB
Traffic4 TB

Month $ 6.99

PlanVPS 2

vCPU1 Core
Disk (SSD)40GB
Traffic6 TB

Month $ 9.99

PlanVPS 3

vCPU2 Core
Disk (SSD)60GB
Traffic8 TB

Month $ 14.99

PlanVPS 4

vCPU4 Core
Disk (SSD)80GB
Traffic8 TB

Month $ 22.99

PlanVPS 5

vCPU8 Core
Disk (SSD)120GB
Traffic10 TB

Month $ 39.99

PlanVPS 6

vCPU12 Core
Disk (SSD)180GB
Traffic10 TB

Month $ 69.99

PlanVPS 7

vCPU16 Core
Disk (SSD)240GB
Traffic15 TB

Month $ 129.99

bodHOST VPS Hosting Key Features


High customization

Assess your needs and select an appropriate plan, backup storage capacity, OS and control panel along with optional add-ons and billing term.


Minimum Maintenance

Focus on your core responsibilities such as catering to your customers with the best products & services, while we take care of the infrastructure.


Ultra-modern Network

All VPSs are backed with complete network redundancy. Several Tier 1 transit providers are employed along with public and private connections.


Firewall Protection

All virtual private servers include a primary firewall. The firewall is part of the hypervisor, a network-based service that blocks all ICMP, UDP, and TCP traffic prohibited by the firewall rule.


Framework Monitoring

Monitoring scans your entire framework at regular intervals. You can ask to be notified in case there is an irregularity so that it does not catch you unawares.


SSD Storage

bodHOST VPS hosting uses next-gen all-flash SSD storage disks. Your business-critical applications can benefit from our high-performance storage that decreases lag and boosts performance.

Ideal for Usage in

Web Servers
Web Servers
Code Repositories
Code Repositories
Blogs, Forums, E-commerce
Blogs, Forums,
Dev/Test Servers
Dev/Test Servers
Web Application
Web Application
Small Databases
Small Databases

Web Control Panels

Starting from $ 8.50

Accessible control panel helps your websites, applications, & hosting businesses become automated & evolve.

Starting from $ 14.00

Easy to use control panel using few clicks to access a variety of features, control the website & automate it.


VPS Hosting FAQ's

We offer 7 VPS hosting packages that you can choose from. Select the package most compatible from the table mentioned above.

An encrypted SSH connection (Linux) or RDP (Windows) can allow you to access your server and get complete server control. The customer portal also includes a KVM console that can provide access to the server if there are any network limitations or a firewall for RDP or SSH connections.

It takes 1-2 hours for the VPS to be delivered unless there are certain requirements you need to be fulfilled. We verify the website order through an email or call. Only your first order includes a one-time verification process. After the verification is complete, your fully automated order will be delivered.

Your VPS storage can be upgraded by upgrading to a higher plan that includes more storage.

Yes, all of our VPS packages include a basic firewall free of charge. The firewall is part of our hypervisor as a network-based service that blocks ICMP, UDP, and TCP traffic. When it is applied, the firewall obstructs all traffic that does not follow the defined firewall guidelines.

One public IPv4 address is assigned to every VPS plan. We do not allow additional IPv4 addresses to be included with the VPS.