With Software Quality Assurance (SQA) gaining increasing importance with each passing day in the world of software development, software testing has come up as a major business vertical which is growing at an exponential rate. Shortest time to market at an optimal cost of quality is what businesses are looking for. Agile and other development methods are being utilized during the development process to expedite it and newer avenues to automate and shorten the software testing timelines are also sought after. Typically software development and testing is carried out by two different teams within an organization, or is outsourced to different organizations to avoid conflict of interest if given to same organization. This is where the software testing companies are gaining their clients from.

While looking to grow the software testing business or to reduce the software testing infrastructure costs for in-house testing, organizations are moving towards cloud computing for flexibility and reliability. eNlight cloud is great solution for organizations wanting to optimize their software testing / SQA costs. Using eNlight, organizations can carry out functional tests,performance tests, security tests, automated regression tests or testing done through various common methodologies like Agile testing, Lean and Six Sigma, SOA testing etc. on a highly flexible environment which can be created and terminated easily. The on-demand creation and deletion of virtual servers for testing provides an unparalled cost benefit to the testing unit as this ensures billing for test environment only during the time it is being used.

eNlight is the perfect solution for a team of developers building and testing a software during development phase. eNlight will ensure that the developers always have unlimited resources at their disposal. The developers can use eNlight Cloud Platform to build, store and manage templates for their deployment function, with direct access to cloud storage & servers. eNlight ensures increased flexibility, with easy and quick deployment of any number of test instances as required, without physical hardware limitations or scheduling requirements.

Through eNlight's intelligent resource management, an application or a software can be tested under scalable as well as non-scalable environment with compute resources like CPU and RAM to generate benchmarking results. Using eNlight Cloud's Intuitive Control Panel, developers can create multiple server environments in the cloud through quick replication. Pre configured servers can be launched at a simple click, saving immense time. Thus, developers can build their own environments as per the need, and develop their code in a deployed environment.

If you are looking for a solution to reduce your SQA costs without compromising on reliability, scalability, security and agility, eNlight is the solution for you. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements with a solution expert.

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