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One of the most frequently faced problems these days is of SPAM emails which is increasing prominently. Even though there are a number of anti-spam solutions available, most of them form a part of the email system and fail to have a separate cluster to scan and diagnose the emails.

Considering this essential point, we at bodHOST have come up with a quality solution for filtering your spams, SpamExpert ! This solution is hosted on a cluster (and not on your server), with a filtering accuracy as high as 99.98% !

An external spam filter email solution offers many advantages, as compared to the traditional methods of dealing with spam, viruses and other threats to an e-mail environment. While there are some well-known and widely used applications, they do have certain restrictions or limitations that are taken care of by our Anti-spam solution.

Spam Filter Plans Domains Allowed Operating Systems Uptime Filtering Accuracy 24x7 Monitoring Pricing
SE - 01 1 All 99.98% $1.50/month Order Now
SE - 05 5 All 99.98% $5.00/month Order Now
SE - 10 10 All 99.98% $8.00/month Order Now
SE - 25 25 All 99.98% $21.00/month Order Now
SE - 50 50 All 99.98% $43.00/month Order Now
SE - 100 100 All 99.98% $86.00/month Order Now
SE - 250 250 All 99.98% $216.00/month Order Now
SE - 500 500 All 99.98% $432.00/month Order Now

Advantages of a central Anti-spam Cluster :

  • Filtering of millions of messages a day.
  • New threat detected are quickly implemented throughout the cluster to protect other users.
  • Protects domain against spams, viruses, phishing, malware and unwanted emails.
  • Filtering accuracy upto 98.98% with only a miniscule percentage, 0.0001% possibly marked as false positive.
  • Compatible with most of the control panels like cPanel, Plesk many others.
  • Direct login to cluster control panel possible even as a domain user.
  • White labeling possible for our Dedicated and Cloud Server Reseller clients.
  • All emails queued up in case of unavailability of cluster starting a 're-try' cycle lasting upto 4 days. Post 4 days, the emails will be discarded.
  • Per domain licensing instead of per use user licensing making the solution cost-effective.
  • Constant monitoring of solution by specialized team to maintain a high up-time.

Prime Features of SpamExperts Anti-spam solution :

  • Filtering of incoming emails.
  • 99.98% accuracy for filtering.
  • 0.0001% False Positive rate.
  • E-mail Protocols SMTP, TLS/SSL supported.
  • IMAP, Web, and HTML/PDF report, included in Quarantine report.
  • Branding option for resellers.
  • Domain User Management, E-mail User Management &Permissions Management.

bodHOST is the pioneers in the field of web hosting services in US and is in hosting fraternity since 1999 and have always tried to cater all your hosting requirements at the most economical prices and without compromising on the Quality factor. This solution too is with an intention to offer you a spam free inbox. Just add up our SpamExpert solution and you will be glad to have added this to your account.

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