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bodHOST Solutions

At bodHOST, our aim is to work with you to establish solutions suitable for your particular needs, to provide value for money and to maximize your business potential to the fullest. Our expertise lies in using the most suited technology to achieve the optimum solutions for your online business. We work along with you to create solutions that best meet your business objectives. Our dedicated team of experts consist of the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in custom business solutions. We can deliver a full range of custom solutions which include DR Consultancy Services, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Datacenter Solutions and Turnkey Projects.

DR Consultancy Services

Any online business these days needs a versatile and scalable disaster recovery plan as possibilities of threats, whether natural or manmade, are on the rise. bodHOST understands that issues relating to Data Security and Business Continuity are inter-linked and through our DR consultancy service, as well as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions, our clients get the best services and solutions under bodHOST umbrella. This ensures that you have a comprehensive and coherent Disaster Recovery Plan in place for your valued business. Disaster Recovery plan process at bodHOST minimizes the disruption in operations if a disaster strikes, to ensure stability and an orderly recovery after a disaster.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery is no more a huge investment for any business as it is generally perceived to be, thanks to DRaS on eNlight. With DRaS on eNlight at bodHOST, you can now have a DR solution ready in no time at only 10% of the cost of traditional DR setups. The unique pay-as-you-go model of bodHOST DRaS solution ensures that you do not have to make huge investment for a traditional DR setup and you only pay when a disaster strikes. eNlight enables creation of a fully auto scalable virtual environment for a DR setup that can stretch as large as a dedicated machine with 32 CPUs and 96 GB of RAM if required.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) incorporates virtualization of desktop infrastructure at our datacenter. With eNlight DaaS organizations can further leverage this technology to enable major cost savings. Desktops are replaced with a cheap Thin/Zero Client which are directly connected to the eNlight Cloud and a separate virtual machine is allocated to each user. This allows users to work from any location or use a static IP to access their respective virtual machine from any location.

Datacenter Solutions (eMagic)

eMagic is a single solution to manage all the aspects of servers deployed within a Datacenter. It is an automated system that makes server management easy, efficient and quick. You can view all the server logs and consumption details through a single user friendly GUI interface. All aspects of server management like troubleshooting, bandwidth consumption monitoring, OS installation and server reboots can also be taken care of with only a few clicks. eMagic allows management of servers without the need of manual intervention for support services to cater to issues like Reboot, Power on, KVMoIP and IP requests.

Build your Datacenter (Turnkey Solutions)

bodHOST is able to offer turnkey solutions as a single point operations responsibility. With turnkey solutions, we combine all Data Center services and bundle them together as a unified service in delivery framework. End to end solutions encompassing consulting services, design, supply, installation and operations are among the various aspects taken care of by our team of experts. A turnkey solution from bodHOST simplifies client operations, reduces ownership costs, increases speed of operations and significantly improves performance. You can solely focus on your core competencies and grow in your domain while we take of all the rest.

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