Web Servers in The Mirror Are Reliable Than They Appear

bodHOST understands that secure and quick access to information round the clock can go a long way in defining an organization's competitiveness. We bring to you Web, SQL and database Server Mirroring Technology that has been specially designed and evolved to help you drive your organization towards excellent performance and efficiency, to ensure information availability at all times.

Security from Hardware Failure

Server mirroring is the most effective answer to the problems of hardware failure

Significant Cost Saving

With bodHOST' Server Mirroring, you don't have to pay for the huge costs that an alternate setup would invariably cost.

High Performance

bodHOST' cost effective, performance guaranteed and highly redundant Server Mirroring Technology to ensure that your business is always up and running.

bodHOST's Server Mirroring works by providing an exact replica of the files and information between servers, in real time. This has a threefold advantage for you, ensuring high availability, disaster preparedness & recovery and load balancing.


bodHOST' Server Mirroring ensures that the slave server, on which the data is mirrored, replaces the Master server in case the master server encounters some problems. All execution requests are routed to the slave server through a monitoring script, and the slave server functions in the exact same manner as the master server.


Restoration of the information is made simple at bodHOST and requires only minor selections to copy the replicated data from the Slave server to the Master Server. We will conduct the restoration process for you, which will transfer the incremental, updated data from the Slave to the Master once the Master Server is up and running normally.

bodHOST' Server Mirroring comes with Load Balancing and Failover Redundancy to make sure that you experience only 100% server and network uptime. Sign up for two or more servers with bodHOST and we will then take care of Server Mirroring for you, as per your requirements.

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