SAP in The Cloud

SAP Hosting

Corporations can now host their SAP Applications with bodHOST. One might argue that SAP applications continue to be as monolithic as legacy mainframe software, but hosting them in the Cloud is still very beneficial for corporations because the advantages are all outside of SAP, such as:

  • overcoming hardware obsolescence
  • cost savings due to the utility billing model (pay only for what you actually consume)
  • instant scalability (elasticity) to support business influx without any capital expenditure
  • resultant business agility
  • lower cost of ownership of your total I.T. infrastructure that hosts SAP
  • instant globalization of SAP assets due to anytime-anywhere availability
  • scope for improved security due to centralization; and so on.

bodHOST provides you with secure and complaint cloud computing for your SAP application, whether in a Private Cloud or in an Enterprise Public Cloud (your choice).

Many corporations already host their SAP assets on a co-located data center. Going from there to the bodHOST Cloud is a simple migration that will immediately convert your large monthly fixed costs into a "pay per consume" model, with huge savings possible depending on usage.

The bodHOST Enterprise Clouds (public and private) are physically located in a top-tier datacenter in Chicago with 17,000 sq. ft. of space. Backup redundancy is provided from multiple data centers in the United Kingdom. A new data center in Los Angeles is now availabe to provide redundancy in the United States itself, with a similar facility also in Washington DC on the east coat – thereby enabling you to create disaster recovery solutions and system redundancy across geographically diverse facilities. The bodHOST Enterprise Cloud web-based console lets you manage multiple environments from a single interface.

Additional benefits for medium sized SAP users and special benefits for the freelance SAP consultant. Call for details. +1-866-662-0909 or [email protected]

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