Test Your Software and Applications with Sandbox-as-a-Service in Cloud

Today is it common for software development teams to engineer software for multiple platforms. With the server market polarizing between Windows and Linux, and both Mac and Linux capturing more of the desktop market space, programmers are often tasked to factor in some degree of PLATFORM INDEPENDENCE.


LOAD TESTING is another area that is important in this era of often unpredictable online user communities. Load testing before deployment is indispensable for a successful "go-live," especially for software projects that expect unoredictable user volume, and have high visibility.

STRESS TESTING is yet another essential software testing activity. It determines the robustness of software by testing beyond the limits of normal operation. Stress testing puts software in extreme conditions, like lack of memory, to assess what the upper bounds are for the scaability of the architeture, and to understand how it reacts under extreme conditions.

We provide a Sandbox in the Cloud to use as a testing environment that not only isolates untested changes and outright experimentation from the production environment, but also provides an easily scalable infrastructure for easily testing platform independence, load conditions, extreme stress and other conditions. The Cloud enables you to provide virtual machines that run Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems on demand without having to invest in any such server. The Cloud enables you to dynamically manipulate your memory and CPU strength without having to actually have an array of physical servers to test on. And much more.

All of these are provided "as a service" – for you use when you need then, and not pay for them when you don't.

bodHOST can also provide you with more than just the infrastructure. If required, we can also pre-load the sandbox with some of the common software quality assurance software such as:

  • HP LoadRunner
  • HP QuickTest Professional
  • HP Quality Center
  • HP SiteScope

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