Build Your Own Private Cloud With eNlight

To the purist, a Private Cloud is an oxymoron and the perversion of a liberating concept that is Cloud Computing. It's like renting a whole 10-storey office building when you just need 5 storeys on most days, and all 10 storeys only two days a year. In the context of real estate, that sounds like a dumb idea, and violates the very concept of having the flexibility to rent and use what space you need in a building.

This conflict is analogous to the Public Cloud versus Private Cloud controversy. In order to gain the maximum economic and ecological benefit from Cloud Computing, one has to embrace the multi-tenant concept, so that spare resources may be shared between the different tenants in the Cloud as required by them. However, in the corporate real world, a sense of insecurity, Board resolutions, compliance issues, legal terms attached to a Public Cloud, and many other reasons might make it necessary for corporations to prefer a Private Cloud.

In such cases, the bodHOST Private Cloud is a perfect solution.

The schematic above is as applicable to a Public Enterprise Cloud as to any Private Cloud, because a Private Cloud is simply an entire Enterprise Cloud that is assigned to a single organization. Call it by whatever name – such as, Corporate Cloud or Internal Cloud – a Private Cloud is simply a proprietary computing architecture that provides hosted services to a limited number of people behind a firewall.


Cloud Computing 101 provides a more detailed introduction to Clouds.

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