bodHOST Ltd. aims to make eNlight Cloud a universal Web Hosting platform

“We will not stop the pace of innovation in eNlight Cloud. We want to see it as a universal platform for web hosting” – Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST

Edison, New Jersey – bodHOST Ltd., plans to focus more on eNlight Cloud in 2014 and willing to increase our reach globally to as many users as possible. We recognize the importance of the fact that online businesses have to keep looking for cost effective solutions without compromising on the quality of service and eNlight Cloud is capable of addressing this concern.

eNlight Cloud based virtual machines represent an ideal environment for users with businesses that require an online presence. Similar to a dedicated server environment, users can install a control panel such as Plesk or cPanel for easy website management and also retain complete control over their server environment with administrator privileges. On the other hand, their end users / customers can enjoy the speed, reliability and scalability offered by eNlight Cloud. Should any website hosted on eNlight Cloud VM require more resources or experience spikes in load, this wouldn’t have any impact on the performance of VM as it would scale the resources in proportion to the required amount of resources and charge only according to the duration of usage.

The promising nature of eNlight cloud makes it a real alternative to traditional hosting solutions such as virtual private servers. Due to the restrictive nature of the traditional hosting plans, real-time resource scaling and cost optimization are never available as an option, however eNlight Cloud is a viable alternative that addresses these restrictions. With pre-defined limits on resources in traditional hosting, upgrade by paying extra is the only choice whereas with eNlight Cloud, the resources scale up and down in proportion to the demand. Websites and applications ideally suited for eNlight Cloud include:

  • A website that receives occasional traffic, for example, when new products or services are announced.
  • Applications and websites where usage can vary on hourly, daily or weekly basis.
  • A website that receives short but sudden spikes in traffic.

Any of the above websites may experience performance bottlenecks or outage in such scenarios if hosted on a traditional hosting platform. Whilst eNlight can help with improving the performance and speed at which web pages are served to visitors, the platform lets users achieve this at a cost that is much more realistic for small businesses.

If you are currently using a traditional hosting solution like VPS for your website and related services, then eNlight Cloud could be the perfect solution to let you expand your internet presence. With auto-scaling Virtual Machines and a cost: resources predictor tool that lets you predict costs based on your anticipated usage, eNlight represents a solution that saves money whilst offering a more powerful hosting service without compromising on uptime or security”, said James Anderson of bodHOST Ltd.

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