bodHOST Introduces a New Range of Dedicated Servers in the US & Canada

Cloud & Dedicated Server Hosting

The highly popular VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting market has become more interesting for businesses of all sizes nowadays with easy and affordable access to technology. Popular US based Managed Hosting service provider bodHOST’s new range of cost-effective web hosting servers underlines this fact as they now offer superior functionality and benefits with their entire range of servers, which was once affordable only to larger enterprises.

The company’s new range of high end dedicated servers are located in its US and Canada data center. With a significant drop in cost of servers as well as operational costs over the years, bodHOST’s managed servers are targeted towards companies that might not have considered VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting in the past due to high expenses associated with recurring monthly fees as well as server management. All servers offered by the company are fully managed and backed by round-the-clock customer support through helpdesk, live chat and phone.

“To ensure that all customers have access to the best data center network infrastructure around, we have our servers housed in world class datacenter facilities located at Chicago (US) and Montreal (Canada). To ensure that all customers have their websites hosted on the best available network connection, we have partnered with the world’s best carriers including Level (3), Abovenet, Savvis, PCCW, Telia and Cogent. Connections ranging from OC192, OC48, and 10GigE (10,000Mbps) form rings connecting Hurricane core routers”,  Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST said.

Besides the dedicated server upgrades, the company is also planning to increase hosting facilities for the South American & Asian customers, which include application service providers, small reseller web hosting companies, e-commerce businesses, corporate banks,  healthcare sector, etc.

In future, the company also aims to distinguish its hosting portfolio in two categories, cloud hosting & traditional hosting.

The services provided under cloud model would include public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, VMware cloud, SAP hosting, disaster recovery solutions, Zimbra email hosting services while the traditional hosting services portfolio would cover web hosting solutions like shared hosting, reseller web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated server hosting, server mirroring and load balanced servers.

In a brief interview with company’s CTO, the next maneuver of bodHOST would be to introduce vLite platform based Virtual Servers as vLite based VPSs would offer superior performance, reliability, and flexible scaling to users. “bodHOST IT services are moving towards the right direction, as planned out last year. This year our main focus would be on virtualization technologies in order to accelerate business growth with new customers”, Nick J, CTO of bodHOST explained.




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