bodHOST eNlight Private Cloud – The Pay As You Consume Enterprise Cloud

Having provided Public Cloud solutions for a long time, bodHOST is now offering Private Cloud services based on the patent-pending eNlight Cloud hosting platform delivering up to 99.95% uptime.

“bodHOST recognizes how important it is for businesses to continuously keep looking for cost effective solutions without compromising the quality of services. That’s why we work with our Private Cloud customers to develop a solution that is tailored around their requirements so that they are able to stay within their budget whilst receiving a hosting infrastructure that is supportive of their business considering current and future infrastructure requirements”, says Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST LTD..

He further adds – “Our Private Clouds that utilize eNlight platform, are capable of delivering Virtual Machines (VMs) running both Windows and Linux, with enterprise class stability. Customers will also have access to the eNlight web-based control panel through which they can create and manage their VMs and entire Private Cloud”.

Reliability, Expandability and security are the key important factors for any web hosting setup. If a Private Cloud ever begins to run low on resources then additional servers can be added to the cluster in no time with assistance from bodHOST’s 24×7 support team. Clients can also create new virtual machines or extend the disk for existing virtual machines to accommodate higher disk space requirements.

eNlight is also able to offer auto-scaling on a per-VM basis so that additional demand can be fulfilled if the resources of a VM reach closer to the assigned limit. The intelligent eNlight platform automatically allocates additional resources from within the Private Cloud to improve the VM’s performance and capability of dealing with additional load.

“A Private Cloud is designed to offer more protection than what is available in the Public Cloud as no-one else will have access to the customer’s Cloud hosting cluster. Furthermore, every Private Cloud from bodHOST makes use of the latest security features and techniques to guarantee a hosting environment that would suffice for even the largest of businesses”, says Nitin Jadhav, CTO at bodHOST LTD.

bodHOST’s Private Cloud solutions are developed to meet a customer’s individual needs. If you are interested in learning more about the Private Cloud then email [email protected] or call sales department on (+1) 866 662 0909.

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