Portal-as-a-Service For Schools and Universities

This is the "age of discrimination" where more of your customers expect to be able to do things for themselves. The last decade has also seen a broadening base of information "consumers" with varying levels of technical expertise, as well as the need for integrating mobile access to all information technology assets. Aging, monolithic applications that were developed to address specific audiences are no longer useful in catering to today's customers. There is a far greater need for application agility and for self-service that ever existed before.

As a result, enterprise portals are proliferating on all platforms, including high-end SAP and Oracle Applications.

bodHOST has gone beyond mere infrastructure, and is developing domain-specific Cloud-hosted platforms. The first such endeavor to be released shortly is a School Portal in the Cloud, which will provide a broad array of commonly consumed educational services to its users. Key components include persistent authentication, customization, personalization, and workflow. The portal framework will provide a flexible and extensible environment that can grow elegantly over time, and ultimately create a virtual community, which will be a place to study, work, collaborate, and have fun.

Cloud-hosted Portals are the new approach to enterprise development.

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