Microsoft Office 365

bodHOST LTD., a cloud and dedicated hosting service provider introduce Office-as-a-Service –a complete set of office applications hosted on a cloud. Office 365,offered by bodHOST combinesthe popular Microsoft Office applications enabling access to various Office tools, corporate emails, conferencing and many more IT services,virtually from anywhere, anytime and via any device.It allows you to transform the way you work with Office applications.

Office-as-a-Service is an ideal cloud-based solution for businesses, as Microsoft applications and tools are still considered as the best productivity tools in the marketplace. Also, the employees are able to work more efficiently with the acquainted products like Microsoft Office, thus improving employee productivity, enhancing team communication and keeping everything on a single platform. Furthermore, it provides more features with a reduction in the hardware and IT administration expenditureas compared to an on-premises solution.

bodHOST's Office-as-a-Service also reduces the licensing complexity, as unlike on-premises solution, businesses can easily pay based on per-user subscription model.The subscription model enables you to combine into one easy monthly fee, as well as provide businesses with additional control to scale their business requirements, allowing you to pay only for the licenses required.

Top Features of Microsoft Office 365:

  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Familiar Microsoft interface
  • No IT expertise needed
  • Predictable monthly fees
  • Always up-to-date software
  • Reduces hardware and IT administration costs

Depending on the requirements such as number of users, number of mailboxes, etc; bodHOST can provide you with all the necessary details. For more information about Office-as-a-Service offering, please get in touch with our sales department at [email protected]

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