As Founder of the ESDS Group of Companies -- of which bodHOST is a part -- Piyush provides strategic leadership to bodHOST, and functions as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ESDS Software Solutions in India. He personifies the group's commitment to customer satisfaction and delivery excellence. Not content to be a leader from the Board room, he assumes hands on responsibility for the Group's strategy, mission, annual goals, yearly revenues and profitability targets. He has built a reputation in the industry for his exceptional ability to build and grow businesses, and to nurture long-term relationships.

Piyush earned a degree in Electronics Engineering, and worked in manufacturing for sometime, before venturing out on his own. Today, with a 30,000 sq.ft. corporate headquarters, and a 10,000 sq.ft. Tier III data center as part of the assets, he has indeed launched a global business that touches four continents (North America, Europe, Asia and South America).



Niv has over 19 years of diverse leadership and management experience since she spearheaded the establishment of an engineering drawing company in New Jersey in 1994. Since then she has successfully led, managed and grown two other I.T. organizations well past double-digits in millions. As Founder and CEO of LOGIXtech Solutions, she has established a wide clientele in the North East; and, as a SAP Gold Partner, has become SAP America's official "go to" expert for Business Intelligence. Originating from a hard core software engineering background, she rose up through the ranks to become Assistant Director of I.T. in a $2 billion steel manufacturing organization in Mexico, which is now a significant member of the ArcelorMittal conglomerate. Her ability to sow confidence and grow clients is phenomenal. Niv has been invited into bodHOST to help spur growth in enterprise sales, and her ideas are already shaping an exciting road map for the company.



A serial entrepreneur, inveterate dreamer, and socially responsible capitalist, Probal has built a series of companies in the U.S. since 1996, starting with the $17 million AmeriSOURCE Consulting, which he divested in 2001. He has 25+ years' total immersion in business and technology, with extensive international experience in the United States, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico and India. His longest tenure was with one of the world's largest steel makers (now the Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal, then known as Mittal Steel / ISPAT), where he was the de facto CIO and Head of Information Systems until 1994.

With focus on building bodHOST into a leading player in Cloud Computing in the Americas, Probal's expertise extends to Model Driven Architecture (MDA), automated software modernization, Healthcare IT, mobile computing, the paperless office, document & workflow management in the Cloud, and enterprise computing with emphasis on SAP. His wide interests include Business Process Management (BPM), Knowledge Management, OMG Standards, Organizational leadership, Learning theories, and more.

Most of all he revels in being a growth enabler, business solution provider, caring co-worker, a lifelong learner, a value-driven realist, and a part of the ecosystem called Humanity.



Vision, purpose, relentless passion for technology and life of spirituality– that's what Rajeev brings to the table, combined with over 15 years of extensive systems & software experience on an international scale including 6 years of senior management experience in the United States. Prior to affiliating with ESDS, he had worked for many years along with Probal in the United States, and also co-founded along with him: Artilligence Inc., a well-respected name in the Northeast as a one-stop service center for virtually all I.T. services ranging from turnkey software development to supplemental staffing. Rajeev's personal stamp has always been adherence to deep personal values. In the cut-throat war zone of Corporate America, he disagreed to compromise his humility, simplicity, sincerity, truthfulness and primary loyalty to his co-workers.

His longest tenure was with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the largest drug manufacturer in the world with its current headquarters in New York, where he spent more than 7 years providing enterprise class technology solutions and setting up financial processes. Previously, he worked as a senior consultant at major corporations like United Parcel Services, Ernst & Young, and Dun & Bradstreet, to name a few.

His zeal for education did not stop with his Masters in Computer Science, and he went back to school to earn a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Frederick Taylor University in the United States. A frequent speaker and panel expert in I.T. events around the globe, he has won several awards and recognitions for his contribution as expert speaker internationally.



As CTO, Ashok Pomnar manages the technical department of the Group, including server security and optimization, application programming, technical problem resolution, and oversight of the company's technical staff. One of the longest serving executives in the company, he has a wealth of problem solving and risk mitigation experience that benefits our customers.

Ashok has good experience in all facets of system & network infrastructure, and a proven track record in managing wide ranging infrastructure resources. He is an expert in ISMS (Information Security Management Systems), and is responsible for our server security and management policies. As distinct from R&D, he leads technical operations and provides a firm foundation for our data center and Clouds.



With a decade of project management and ITES services experience in some of the world's leading I.T. companies like Tata Consultancy and Wipro, and a laudable experience in handling high profile clients like Dell, Virgin Atlantic and Electronic Arts (leading edge gaming company), Peeush now deploys his customer and service management expertise towards the benefit of bodHOST clients. Fiercely process driven, and passionately customer focused, Peeush has implemented enhanced KPIs and internal SLAs that augur well for an improved user experience for all bodHOST customers.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computers, Peeush went on to complete his Post Graduation Diploma in Business Administration, before entering the corporate world. With a firm grasp on business processes, technical operations and quality management, Peeush ensures discipline in planning, organizing, managing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A firm believer in the integral role of customer service orientation in the corporate mindset, Peeush addresses not just processes, but also the attitude of every employee.



Rushikesh is a cloud evangelist within bodHOST and the ESDS Group, instrumental for innovations that led to the establishment of our eNlight Cloud as the world's first auto vertical scaling Cloud in late 2011. Having chosen Cloud Computing as his chosen area of expertise, he found a very conducive growth environment in the bodHOST/ESDS group of companies. As the chief architect of our award winning eNlight Cloud, he has also designed an accelerated n-tier storage device, and is involved in exploring a myriad innovative ideas in our Labs. Two of his latest initiatives are to extend eNlight beyond XEN to accommodate other leading technologies like Hyper-V, and to port eNlight on to the IBM System-Z platform, which will bring the benefits of auto vertical scaling to mainframes. He has also filed patents with the US and UK patent offices around cloud computing. A living embodiment of Cloud technology, he continues to lead our R&D, and helps bring the Cloud "down to earth" for our customers.

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