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VMware Hosting

bodHOST is proud to announce VMware Hosting - our redundant hosting venture to improve reliability and performance on servers. Bodhost has always strived to offer their clients with 100% guaranteed Server and Network Uptime.

VMware Hosting is one of the latest thriving technologies which has enabled us to reach our goals and is considered by industry experts as the most viable alternative for businesses searching for more affordable server and storage solution. bodHOST's VMware hosting platform is powered by the award winning VMware and Applogic platform

With bodHOST, there are no compromises in security, performance, redundancy, availability and at the same time it is one of the most cost-effective solution.

Benefits of VMware Hosting :

Scalable and flexible

you can easily add or remove server resources as per your requirements. So, physically there is no need to add any additional hardware equipment which again helps reducing overall hosting costs. This clearly indicates that "you only pay for what you use."

Efficient and Cost Effective

VMware-based Web Servers are deployed efficiently minimizing your server setup time. It's now possible to enhance your hosting experience with improved Quality of service and at the same time saving additional investments in manpower and training. This allows you to focus on your business objectives.

Reliable and Highly Availability

With built-in redundancy achieved by deploying large number of servers in a VMware environment, high-availability and reliability is guaranteed with 100% fault-tolerance. bodHOST's VMware hosting is not only flexible but also helps reducing heavy database and application loads improving server and network performance.

VMware Hosting
Features Linux VMware Hosting Windows VMware Hosting
Starts at $49.00 $57.00
CPU 800 Mhz - 8 x 2.4 Ghz (8 Cores) 800 Mhz - 4 x 2.4 Ghz (8 Cores)
Disk Space 30 GB - 500 GB 30 GB - 500 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 800 GB - 1500 GB 800 GB - 1500 GB
Available RAM 1 GB - 12 GB 1 GB -12 GB
Operating System Linux Windows
Usable IPs 2 2
Control Panel Charges Charges
Root SSH / RDP Access check check
Managed Hosting check check
24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring check check
24x7 Ticket Support check check
24x7 Live Chat Support check check
24x7 Toll Free Phone Support check check
Database Support check check
100% Uptime SLA check check
Setup Fee Free!! Free!!
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Why BOD Hosting ?

bodHOST's VMware hosting allows client's to build their own custom application infrastructure and have full control of the resources in use as if they are in their own Data Center. bodHOST has partnered with VMware as well as Applogic who are known to be one of the leading application and software development companies to deliver turn-key solutions to service providers. By using the bodHOST cloud server hosting platform, you have access to the main-frame infrastructure to make their application configuration, deployment and synchronization of redundant systems easy and reliable.

One of the unique features that our hosting offers is reducing the risk factor of any possible data loss – all storage is mirrored across multiple servers and server clusters. Virtual machines that are setup within a specific grid to automatically recover in case of any server failure. Application and Database mirroring along with high-availability are easily achieved by providing two identical instances of the application or database in the same grid or at different data centers. Utilizing BOD hosting, unique automation features such as automatic volume repair and controller restart ensures that there is no interruption in the services that we provide to you.

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