Innovations at bodHost

Innovations @ bodHOST

With "eNlight", organizations can further leverage benefits like improved efficiency, drastic reduction in CapEx and OpEx and improved security.

Some of the most important benefits that can be leveraged by embracing eNlight cloud platform are:

  • Cost effectiveness:

    The most important benefit of eNlight is reduced infrastructure expenditure, reduced software cost and significant reduction in IT staff. Furthermore, eNlight works on a "pay per consume" model as its intelligent auto-scaling technology allows resources to automatically scale up and down as per need. Hence, you will be charged only for the resources you actually use and not for the resources allocated, which are typically higher than what you actually use. eNlight reduces your capital expenditure drastically.

  • Ease of access:

    Exchange of information (files, documents, etc.) within the organization and with the customers is simplified. It also enables seamless flow of information to bridge gap between departments in a company.

  • Scalability and flexibility in B2B environment:

    If a need arises to incorporate partners to execute new contracts, they can be seamlessly integrated with the eNlight setup. Even if they are based out of a remote location integration with the company's business applications is easy. eNlight scales to meet the most complex and distributed environments.

  • Increased security:

    Data security is imperative for smooth functioning of operations. Load balancing, anti-sniff firewall technology and network traffic monitoring features of eNlight ensure that your company's mission critical data is safe and secure.

  • Faster Application Deployment:

    eNlight enables server provisioning within seconds which ensures deployment of complex environment and applications efficiently. eNlight guarantees efficient application performance for the users.

  • Simplified operations:

    Powered by eNlight technology, businesses can reduce complexity of IT operations and hence streamline operations across the organization with increased visibility. eNlight enables a shift from specialized isolated technologies to simplified on-demand technology. eNlight eliminates any risk of human error or misconfiguration across multi-vendor environments.

  • 99.9% uptime:

    eNlight assures 99.9% uptime to avoid any disruption in services and day-to-day tasks of your employees.

  • Reliability:

    High Availability, Self-Healing and Automatic Failover capability of eNlight makes it the most reliable cloud platform.

Environmental benefits:

With eNlight you can transfer your services in a virtualized environment where the energy is the greenest as we adopt green IT infrastructure practices that ensure minimum power consumption.

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