Imunify 360 Plans

Single Account

Protect Single account on your server/VM.

was $10.00$8.00/mo

Up to 30 Accounts

Protect up to 30 accounts on your server/VM.

was $14.99$ 12.00/mo

Up to 250 Accounts

Protect up to 250 accounts on your server/VM.

was $19.99$ 16.00/mo

Unlimited Accounts

Protect Unlimited accounts on your server/VM.

was $24.99$ 20.00/mo

What is Imunify360?

The success of your business depends on the growth of your website as it attracts customers and generates revenue.

Hence, you should ensure it is well protected from the infinite threats lurking on the internet. Imunify360 is a revolutionary AI-powered security solution that implements 6 layers of protection around your Linux servers to keep hackers and other malicious attacks at bay.




How does Imunify360 keep your website safe?


Is your website’s safety a huge concern for you? You’re not the only one. All business owners worry about their websites falling prey to the malicious threats rife on the internet.

Especially when the basic security measures are no match for the rapidly evolving threats online.

Imunify360 works as a one-stop shop to secure your Linux server from a variety of malicious threats by regular monitoring, detecting new threats, and implementing multi-layer protection.

Its proactive safety measures keep digital attacks at bay and guarantee advanced security.

Imunify360 website safe

Imunify360 Features


Web application firewall

The AI catches any potential threats and introduces advanced firewalls to keep your Linux web server protected from all types of malicious threats.


Intuitive Intrusion Detection System

It has precise threat detection which almost negates any potential false positives to help you preemptively deal with threats.



Identifying and cleaning your files of any malicious code is now possible with Antivirus + with just one click.


Hands off integration

Imunify360 comes ready to be used. Your system is instantly secured with the control panel integration.


Malware scans

Imunify360 scans for malware continuously and monitors any suspicious activity to eliminate any risk.


Kernel Live-Patching without Reboot

Kernel Live-Patching completely automated without requiring a reboot ensures complete kernel security.


Reputation Monitoring

It identifies any instances of your IPs or your websites being blacklisted, to help you rectify it.


7. Hardened PHP

Imunify360 offers all PHP versions regular patches to get rid of any potential vulnerabilities.


Imunify360 FAQ's

Imunify360 is built specifically to secure Linux web servers. It includes Patch management, WAF, Domain Reputation, Antivirus, PHP security layer, and firewall, along with many other advanced measures.

Yes, Imunify360 does have Antivirus+ as part of its package to keep all viruses at bay. It conducts regular scanning of your files to expose any hidden virus or malicious code to ensure your Linux server stays secure.

Yes, you can benefit from a Linux malware scanner that detects any malware injections in your system and gets rid of them for you. Its brilliant dashboard ensures you can keep an eye on all problems from one place.

Your admin credentials will help you Log into your control panel. Go into plugins, then the admin interface, and simply select Imunify360.

Proactive defense deals with your security in an extremely proactive manner. It prevents malware prior to the execution of a script or malicious code. Imunify360 implements a proactive defense that keeps malware from ever coming close to your system.

Yes, Imunify360 has API to ensure better control and efficient handling of any problem that you might encounter.